Three ways to avoid fighting while visiting your family during the holidays

We have all been there. We have been on vacation and want to enjoy peace, happiness and fun. Well, some people just want peace. You know who you are. Going home and returning to a situation like a child or having to accept disrespectful behavior, such as cursing, aggressiveness and control, can be painful because it is the norm of your home. What should you do? Read on to see three important tips on how to get the most out of reunion.

First, let's see why you are going home for vacation.

  • Is it because you feel obligated?
  • Is this what you have been doing?
  • Are you afraid of hurting the feelings of others?

If you want to express and accept their love and go home because you love your family, then do it and use it as your top priority. This is actually a tipping of No. 1. Set your intentions, stay in your love and accept yourself and others. from

  thank you!

If you feel obligated, then go further. Ask yourself, what are your responsibilities and why? Do you have any other motives? [Like just want someone to change]. Starting your trip is not a climax. In fact, it can disappoint you, at least or in relation to disaster.

Do you consciously decide to go home, because you are an adult, do you make decisions for yourself now, or are you unconsciously trapped in your role as a player and have been playing in your family?

What do you do – don't be a victim. That tip #2.

Whether you have made a story about this or not, you can choose. You can change your character at any time in your family activity. I need some work and adjustments from my family, they want you to act in some way. But it is worth it!

If you are afraid of hurting someone's feelings, then I beg you to ask yourself, are you more concerned about others than yourself and how does this affect you?

I remember a lady who participated in one of my studios many years ago and told me that her brother-in-law was very insulting, but every year she went home on vacation and stayed with him and her sister because she thought it would make her sister angry. If she doesn't. what? He was abusive to her [we were physically and emotionally speaking] and she made a decision until then, and put herself in that situation year after year. I call it self-abuse. from

  The reason she gave me was that renting a motel room nearby was too expensive. Ten minutes later, we had another option for us to unlock. She can stay with her aunt. Tip #3: Be honest with yourself, because in honesty, you will find the most self-respecting solution. from

  Breaking the pattern is hard but you are not worth it?

Being loyal to yourself is the answer. You should do it yourself and take action from that self-respecting place.