Sandra Bridewell


Sandra Camille [Power] Bridewell, born April 4, 1944. She was adopted by Arthur and Camille Powers in Sedalia, Missouri. She is considered a destructive liar, because for more than three decades, the woman, known as the "black widow," has deceived lovers and friends for hundreds of thousands of dollars. She is also suspected of being a husband of her and a part of the death of a close friend.

It all started with a disturbing and traumatic childhood. The report showed that at the age of 3, her foster mother, Camille, was killed in a car accident. Bridewell's father, Arthur, managed and directed the Dr. Pepper bottling plant and eventually remarried and relocated the family to Oak Cliff, Texas, on the outskirts of Dallas. He resigned from his previous position and found a new job as a cemetery plot salesman.

Bridewell found that adapting to her new environment was not a problem, the problem was to adapt to her new stepmother Doris. The two of them are continuing to fight, and Bridewell protests that her stepmother often locks her in the closet, refuses to send a birthday party invitation, and is happy to tell her that no one wants her.

Bridewell graduated from high school in 1962. As a high school student, she rarely dates, but after graduation, she quickly began dating a range of different men. She was extremely tempting, and many men were completely hailed by fans, and later friends called it "her, ' ladylike ', ' poor helpless ' routine". Bridewell went to college for a year and it seems that Bridewell has decided her intentions and she wants to marry money.


In order for Sandra to fulfill her intentions, she began to live a life full of deception and deception. She will tell some friends that her adoptive parents have been killed. She will tell others that she is the daughter of an Irish nobleman. The most common deception she often uses is "West Point Boyfriend," which triggers a story of a boyfriend shooting herself while she is sitting next to the car.

Despite the continued deception of Sandra, she was able to convince many people to believe her lies, especially men. Many of these men's stories are very similar, and follow the general theme, recalling "she has a way", "man, just… very fascinated by her." Sandra spent her life, exacerbating deception and living with many different aliases.

There are many victims of her innocence. One of the victims was the rising dentist David Sturger, who was trained in Los Angeles and was a regular dentist of Hollywood's top stars. Steger has forced against Cadillac, big houses and pretty women. Sandra noticed her love for Stegar, and by 1967 she married him. In the first few years after the marriage, the couple began to support their families, and soon there were three daughters, Britt, Catherine and Emily. This family enjoys a high-end lifestyle and lives in one of the most desirable Dallas communities.

Sandra’s taste and enthusiasm for good things is deeper than her husband’s, and she is addicted to Stegall’s huge salary and reputation, and Sandra’s tastes start to get tight and bring the family to the brink. Sandra is a connoisseur of many things, she likes beautiful art and expensive furniture. By 1974, the marriage of the couple was in chaos, and the family was heavily in debt, forcing him to borrow a large sum of money from his father to pay off some heavy bills.

By February 1975, the situation had exceeded Stegar, and he tried to commit suicide. The report showed that Sandra found a distressed Stegar in a closet and pointed his gun at his head. Sandra was then able to persuade him to reconsider. However, this did not change Stegall for a long time, and he was found dead a few weeks later. Lying on his bed, his wrists open and he had a 22-caliber gunshot wound on his head.

Sandra quickly took action to correct her financial situation. This first collected her husband's life insurance policy, sold Stegall's practices and began dating other wealthy people. Just three years after her husband’s death, Sandra married again, this time the famous Dallas developer Bobby Bridewell.

Shortly after the wedding, Bridewell decided to use Sandra's three daughters, who built their home near the Dallas Garden in Highland Park. However, in 1980, life changed, and in a dramatic and tragic turn, Bridwell was diagnosed with cancer. Sandra found the diagnosis very painful because she continued to live in the usual way with a sad feeling. During her husband's fight against the disease, Sandra decided to transform the family's entire family, forcing the weakened Bridewell to move into a friend's home. After two years of struggle, Bridewell eventually succumbed to his diagnosis and died.

Sandra is hard to feel the impact of Bridewell's death. At least in the short term, she was able to gain support and hope in the friendship between Dr. John Bradwell, an oncologist at Bridewell, and his wife, Betsy. In the beginning, the couple were very happy and willing to support their friends. Sandra timed out and began to stick to the Bagwell family more frequently. Although the doctor and his wife are on vacation in New Mexico, Sandra suddenly appeared. Her growing demands often plead for childcare and harassment by phone.

Bagwell quickly decided to take action and try to get rid of Sandra's relationship. But Sandra is not allowed to do this. In June 1982, she called Betsy and asked her to take her to the hospital, so she could rent a car because she could not start. Betsy begged to bring Sandra to the hospital and then back to the church. Sandra was previously parked so she could retrieve her permit and she claimed to have been forgotten on arrival.

The exact details of the encounter are still shrouded in mystery. It is understood that on June 16, 1982, the authorities discovered the 40-year-old Mrs. Bagwell, who died in the airport parking lot of Mercedes. There was a huge gunshot wound in her head and a stolen .22 caliber pistol in her right hand. When making a judgment, the conclusion is suicide.

Despite the judgement, many questions remain unanswered. The police realized that Sandra was the last person to see Betsy alive. There have been problems with death, including no suicides. However, the police refused to re-examine the case and remain closed.

As Sandra is used to, she continues her life with meticulous care. As of June 1984, another man was caught in her clutch. The victim, a good-looking 29-year-old Alan Relig, has just moved to Dallas to work for a mortgage company. Sandra is talking in her yard, when Rehrig is looking for a place he can call home, which happens to pass in his car. Putting his Ford wild horse to the side of the road, he asked Sandra if she knew the apartment she was going to move into. She admitted that she did not agree to help him.

In just a few weeks, the couple became inseparable. Rehrig really likes Sandra's three daughters, whose mother's call will announce herself on an unsuspecting Rehrig, who is busy working in his office. In the fall of 1984, Sandra released some unexpected news for Rehrig and reported that she had twins. For an important reason, Sandra received a successful hysterectomy seven years ago, which is even more curious. It's more like Sandra's deception, feeling that she can lie effectively when she adds some weight around her stomach. Of course there are more lies, lies including her age, telling Rehrig that she is 36 years old, when she was actually 41 years old.

A trustworthy Rehrig, there is no reason to doubt his new girlfriend, because he still feels they know each other. Although his friend's involvement showed Rehrig the speed at which his life changed, he also fell in love. In December 1984, Sandra Bridewell and Alan Rehrig became husband and wife.

Sandra is always aware that the lie of pregnancy can only take her so far. With Rehrig fully committed to his wife, Sandra can easily change the story. So in February 1985, she called her husband and told him the unfortunate news that she had a miscarriage.

The news had a devastating effect on Rehrig and the marriage began to be affected. Like her former two husbands, Rehrig began to realize that his wife was an expensive tray. She will push him to make more money and let him take out a big life insurance policy. Friends recalled how Rehrig complained about Sandra's habits because she spent $20,000 a month on clothes, food and travel.

In November 1985, the couple separated. Rehrig is convinced that he must end his relationship with Sandra and move into a friend's house. The two of them were separated for a few weeks and they didn't stare at each other. Then in early December, Sandra called Rehrig and arranged a meeting at a storage facility where the two stored some items.

The real events that took place in the next few hours have never been determined. It is understood that Rehrig is located in the wild horse of Oklahoma. There are huge gunshot wounds on the head and chest. In fact, it was determined that Rehrig had been expelled to Oklahoma. Rehrig's death was scrutinized, and Sandra was suspected of being his murder, but nothing in the woman known as the "black widow" around Dallas could be crucified. Her manners in interrogation can be described as embarrassing, almost fun. Then, the behavior of the "Black Widow" completely changed, she became completely uncooperative, and refused anyone to talk to her and her daughter.

If there is any sadness about her husband's death, then it will be well hidden. Sandra is saving funeral expenses, choosing the most expensive coffin for Rehrig, and then convincing her friends to pay for the funeral. On the day of the service, she came late, wearing a rich mink coat. This is an affordable fee, and Rehrig's death has provided her with a $220,000 life insurance claim directly into her bank account.

However, Sandra’s reputation is dilapidated. A popular local magazine that details Sandra's curious past and retells her behavior is to serve. Sandra will soon leave Dallas, and she will relocate herself and her family to the San Francisco area. Sandra still has the same charm and invested in Marin County, and she soon began dating a group of wealthy men who expressed sympathy for her past stories, which usually included the use of the trust she was about to accept. . Her unrestrained sexual inhibition. One of the men borrowed her $23,000 while the other man was separated by $70,000, and he received the money through a pension. Even if they brought their lawsuit to court, they did not receive a penny loan. Soon, the same and similar stories around Dallas in Dallas began to appear in San Francisco.

In the early 1990s, Sandra changed his name and is now known as Camille Blackwell. She left California and moved to Boston, where she lived with her boyfriend. She is also a resident of Connecticut and Hawaii. Despite the change in address, the same despicableness is still on her lower abdomen. She will now steal other people's social security numbers, she will take out the credit card and buy a lot of goods, and I don't plan to pay any more. Her behavior was so vicious and even destroyed her daughter's credibility.

With the advent of the millennium, Sandra is now middle-aged, shifting from sexual desire to religion in order to bring the victims closer. The foundation of her story now involves the invention of the story, for example, she is a missionary who travels the world and works with orphans. As usual, she is very convincing and has ways to make people obey her needs. She then became friends with a couple who owned and managed the Alabama motel. Although she could not even pay for a room, she was receiving food and money from the cople.

She continued to preach the story, and when she moved to Atlanta, she would change her name slightly, from Bridewell to Bridwell. Then she persuaded a woman she met at the church to be separated from the expensive apartment rental. After a while, Bridwell's new roommate found that she was paying all the expenses because Sandra claimed she was waiting to withdraw a large sum of money from her trust fund.

With the arrival of 2006, Sandra appeared in a new church in North Carolina and changed its name to Camille Bowers. Later that year, in September, she moved to a $1 million home on the Carolinas coast with a 77-year-old woman, Sue Moseley. Sandra reached an agreement with her son Jim that she would receive free accommodation for housekeeping.

She began to build a respectable reputation in the local community and spoke many times at local women's clubs. Sandra then began to get Mosley's finances. She collects tax records, pays her social security payments to a separate account, withdraws mortgages, creates credit charges, and uses Mosele's bank account to pay for her personal expenses, including spas and expensive shoes.

Jim quickly became suspicious of the new butler. In early 2007, he stumbled through a long story in a publication in Dallas, documenting the achievements of her life. On March 2, 2007, Jim worked with the police as a striker to help arrest the "Black Widow" and work in a cafe in Charlotte, North Carolina.

as a result of

Sandra Bridewell's story ends with numerous accusations under her name. She promises identity fraud, fraud, mail theft and social security fraud. After the arrest and mass publicity, the police re-focused the deaths of Rehrig and the Oklahoma City police, investing more resources and more manpower for the case.

In February 2008, Sandra Camille Powers pleaded guilty to an identity theft and was formally sentenced by a judge the same month. No matter where she went, the “black widow” left a lasting influence and trace of destruction, leaving behind a series of victims who persecuted her judgment. When the judiciary was finally prosecuted, she was asked to pay a fine of $250,000, which paid more than $1,600 in damages to the Mosley family.