Land Park Lanes – Experience all the fun of the service

When planning to visit Sacramento while on vacation, we recommend that you do not miss the AMF Land Park Lanes bowling centre and one of the city's special attractions. With bowling in the THIRTY-TWO lane and a new flat score, you can find comfort, relaxation and satisfaction in this place. In addition, it is always willing to provide you with food and drinks, cafes and bars. In addition, you can challenge your partner pool or some fun arcade games here. I am sure you will have a lot of things to enjoy here.

If you would like to know the services offered by AMF Land Park Lanes and the way they provide observational value to visitors, we would be happy to show you more about this magnificent centre. The AMF Bowling Center is characterized by its enjoyment, enthusiasm and competition, as well as hospitable staff, delicious food and drinks, to provide you with the ultimate in recreation and entertainment that you can enjoy almost every day or every night. AMF also said it created a sense of community, miles of wonderful ideas, and lots of fun through birthday parties, corporate events, fundraising events, and more. People often say that bowling is better in AMF.

With its THIRTY-TWO bowling alley, bowling is a basic service of AMF Land Park Lanes. You can find this center at 5850 Freeport Blvd, Sacramento City. Even though these bowling balls may be older than before, you can easily find the right ball by weight-coded color. In particular, all customers can easily move while bowling on the floor and the staff always cleans up. To the best of our knowledge, they also offer free bowling coupons. So if you go there and want to come back later, please get some coupons next time. In addition, this place has also established many wonderful and enjoyable leagues for bowling enthusiasts and competitors.

Things you should know about this place:

– The rental of six games and a pair of shoes may cost you $29, which means $5 per game. Maybe the price has changed now, but it's best to know about it.

– For more than two months, their bookings are always open, so if you have determined that an ideal time to come here, you should first call to book a driveway.

– You may spend a little time finding the right ball for you because their ball is heavy.

– After playing some amazing games, you can use a neat bathroom.

– Bowling time will be limited depending on each day of the week.

You can also find other fun games at the AMF Bowling Center.

When you come to the AMF Bowling Center, you can not only enjoy the good time of the bowling club, but also play many interesting arcade games. Some pool tables are in good condition and you can challenge your friends pool. In addition, the decision of arcade games is also different.

Things you should know about this place:

– Some arcade games are very violent and are not recommended for children, so if they plan to play these games here, you must be careful with your children.

What will the bar and cafe at AMF Land Park Lanes bring to you?

Not only can you enjoy delicious pizzas, burgers, fries and snacks in the café, but you can also enjoy delicious drinks at the bar with hospitable, friendly, honest and well-functioning bartenders. So if you are exhausted after playing so many games, don't worry about finding a place to drink and eat at the AMF Bowling Center.

Things you should know about this place:

– Do not smoke customers.

– If you have already booked, you can build a satisfying party with your friends and family. You can also get 2 hours of bowling, shoe rental, pizza, drinks and some biscuits in the Strike Package program.

– The limited time of the bowling center depends on each day of the week.

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