In the air on 9-11-2001


I will never forget how lucky I was on the day the plane landed! All of this seems to be so surreal. Although I was shocked and saddened by the victims, I still had to deal with my immediate challenge, that is, "How do I leave Kansas?" Clicking on my treatment for 3 times will definitely not let me go home.

On November 9, 2001, my international baking fair from Baltimore to Las Vegas was in the air that morning. This happens every four years. That was the day I worked for a US company I really like, and it was a lot in the business, so I think you can say that I am a very experienced traveler.

Once we started to fall, I knew that something was wrong because we were two hours away from the destination. As I turned to the couple sitting in my row, "Some things are wrong, because we are falling, we are only two hours away from Las Vegas." The pilot announced that "all aircraft were ordered for national security reasons." To land at the nearest airport, we will land in Kansas City.

On that plane, everything became so quiet, you can hear the pins fall, and the flight attendants looked pale! No one has to tell me this is great. In a few minutes, the pilot came again, saying "something happened in New York and the East Coast." That will definitely narrow it down, isn't it? Now that I am not a type of panic, I continue to be an eternal optimist, but let us face it, this is a huge thing that has never happened.

The pilot then declared for the last time that "the aircraft did not have any direct danger."

I didn't realize it at the time, I didn't know what happened, but then I realized that they still don't know where all the terrorists are, they need to be careful what information to send. In addition, I am sure they do not want people to panic.

These vague information makes us wonder what terrible things can happen. I noticed that several people tried to use the phone on the phone without luck. I tried not to imagine the worst, but so far, according to the information, some ideas are impossible. I think the entire East Coast may have been destroyed, and I may have lost all my family and friends! When we finally landed [and you will be surprised, how long it might take 45 minutes], they let us stand up and sit down three times until they finally let us go. The last thing the pilot said was "You will see what happens on the airport TV."

When we left the plane, each of them handed us a plastic boarding pass [yes, when Southwest Airlines used to use plastic boarding passes with numbers]. When I entered the airport and saw what happened, I knew that no one would fly anywhere soon! So, I still have a plastic boarding pass. Guess what? I am number 12, so if they board the plane to Las Vegas, I will be the first to board!

So there, I was trapped alone in the center of this country, without the soul I knew. The worst feeling is that I have a child on the West Coast and a child on the East Coast, I am not near any of them! In such a crisis period, the natural instinct is to be with the family. I think we all want to know "What is the next step?"

Everyone tried to answer the call through their mobile phone, so whenever I try everything I can get is the strange German police voice, Lulu Lulu. Few phones can pass, because the circuit is overloaded and the tower drops in New York.

I tried to call, but there are hundreds of trapped people at the airport, and everyone is doing the same thing! I tried a few car rental calls at the airport. When I can get one, the answer is always the same, no one left! We were the last plane to land, so there was no car and no room.

Finally, I was able to pass the National Emerald Island number and asked questions about renting a car in Kansas City. Her answer is "I have left two people throughout Kansas!" I said, "Which one is closest to the Kansas City airport?" She replied "I don't know." I asked her if she had a map and she said she did. I said, "Can you take it out and see it?" It turns out that the closest thing is in Manhattan, KS 21⁄2 hours. drive to. Believe it or not, I have been there before, about 15 years old. Previously attended the American Baking Association course! I remember that they called the town a "little apple."

Ok, now I booked a car, this is the next challenge, how can I get there?

Remember, during my entire challenge, I still desperately want to get in touch with my sister and her family across the George Washington Bridge in the subway area. The only number I can call is their apartment because their phone is not working.

Finally, the lady working at the airport asked me for help. I told her about the car and she said that I had to go there by bus. Then, she said, in order to get on the bus, I had to take one of the buses. So, I took the shuttle bus and took me to the bus that now takes 4 hours. Going to drive to Las Vegas for 2 days! Yo!

Well, when your choice is limited, you only have to do what my son said and "pass the soldiers."

I walked to the side of the road and jumped onto the shuttle. [I later found it from a colleague from there and was already trapped in Las Vegas. But on that day, there was no "correct" day] only three and a half people were on my side of the shuttle On, a young woman took her 16-month-old baby boy and a middle-aged gentleman through us, and another gentleman was in front.

The young lady began to ask me where I went, and then I knew she was helping the gentleman opposite us to take me there. It turned out that she and her baby were thrown away at the airport and never took off, so he said he would take them home, which is very close to my car rental. Her name is Aletha and the baby is Colton. Aletha had tears in her eyes because she told me that her husband was in service and had just been sent to Kauiwait the day before.

The generous gentleman, who is about to drive 21⁄2 completely strangers in the 2 and a half hours from his home KS, is not flying out, so we all shuttled in the super cab truck in the parking lot. When he loaded the baggage, I apologized. I couldn't help him because I had a rotator cuff surgery not long ago. He said that his wife also underwent surgery. Then we got on the truck and realized that we didn't even know each other's names. So he said "I am Larry" and I said "I am Sally." He said, "This is the name of my wife!"

When we arrived at Larry's home, his wife opened the door and I said, "Dear, we are going home!" She smiled. They are the most exciting and elegant pair. They proposed to take us to the place we needed to go, even to let us spend the night with them, if we want them to take us the next day. Then the phone rang and I could hear Larry say in the kitchen: "Yes, I found two women and a baby!" They were very kind and generous.

We left my journey, picked up my rental car, and took Aletha and her baby home. Larry and his lovely wife, Sally, won't take any money for gasoline or trouble, I tried it! I told Larry and Sally that the film "pays the price." They have not heard of this movie, so I described the concept of "paying the price."

In 2 and a half hours. I continued to try to find my sister and her family and a few people who kept calling me and finally passed. Whenever someone finds me, they will ask me which way I will go when I drive. I don't know until I can get my brother by phone. He assured me that my sister and my three nephews are fine! Yo! You saw that my daughter was 21 years old on the following Tuesday. She was alone in Santa Barbara, so I spent a holiday after a trip to Las Vegas and had a birthday with her.

I found my boss and told him I was on the road. He said, "Really? How come you are here?" I said "I am driving" and he said "This is a very long car" and I said "This is a longer walk." He said, "When you get here, I will be very happy to meet you."

When we arrived at the car rental location, they waited to make sure I was ready. When I came back, Larry said: "Now you drive carefully across the country and pass it on to me." I said I will definitely! Until today, I am sorry that I have never received their full contact information so that I can send messages to them. So if anyone knows Larry and Sally in Kansas City, let me know, so I can thank them for their incredible goodwill!

So I am going to the west for a 2-day drive to Las Vegas. I immediately began to hike through this huge country where we live. I want to tell you that there are a lot of things there!


Whenever I see a slogan that says "Check speed with an airplane", I think, "Not today."

The most amazing thing happened in the two-day driveway. Every sign, I said is the sign of the two-day driving value, saying "God bless America"!!!

I stayed at a small motel in Colorado that night. I went to bed at 29 degrees. It is 105 degrees in Arizona in the afternoon of the next day! unbelievable!

My family and friends called me for three days! Many roads are closed in the metropolitan area, so my sister and brother-in-law can't go home to the little son who went home alone. He was 14 years old that day. So, every time I can pass, I call him and talk to him all the time, wish him a happy birthday, tell him not to leave home, wait for his mother and dad to go home. They finally passed around 1 am.

There are no flights in Las Vegas and no car rental. Many people have been trapped there for several days. When the contemporary passenger stopped my car rental, I said, "You don't give the car to other people!". Surprisingly, the valet said that three people at the hotel bought the car that morning, so they could leave the town. The conference center was closed due to the bomb threat of the day [Wednesday]. So I stayed for one night, took part in the show the next day, and then drove my taxi to Los Angeles, where I booked a vacation rental car. I have a flight from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, but I can see that this won't happen soon. It took another 6 hours to drive after 2 days. anyway?

Surprisingly, Good Southwest Airlines was one of the first companies to fly again. My boyfriend should meet with me in Los Angeles on Friday to start our holiday. Southwest Airlines sent him to Los Angeles only one night later, and the flight arrived early!

We can be at Jenna's 21st birthday! Never let mom not be there for her children! Jenna will be 30 years old on September 18 this year! My time has passed so fast. Make sure to make the most of every moment, because time has a really sneaky way!

There are still many very good people there, and many people have proved this on that important day. Strangers are not strangers. They became new friends.

To this day, I hope to get the contact between Larry and Sally so that I can thank them for being so kind and help some trapped people on September 11, 2001.

So, if anyone knows how to find Larry and Sally in Kansas City, please let me know.