Wyoming Antelope Hunter


Every year around June, I will hunt and know that in most states, their license deadline will come soon. Wyoming is undoubtedly the best antelope hunting in the United States. If you prefer, you can purchase or apply for multiple licenses. Depending on what you want, meat or trophy. If you want to eat meat, you can get a license for 2 to 5 antelopes. If you want a good buck, you need to do some research and find the source of the trophy. [I recommend the red desert area in northwestern Wamsutter, Wyoming. North of I-80, or southwest of Wamsutter, south of the 80s. Both areas have some huge money. Wamsutter is located on the south side of I-80, in Sinclair And Green River. If my memory is correct, you need to do some homework to decide what you want to do.

Call the Wyoming Game and Fish Department in Cheyenne. They are really very good at helping you. Request a permit application, including a map. Ask if there is any remaining buck or doe license. Ask about these applications. Once you get them, decide where you want to go. Most of the land is inaccessible! But there is a fairly large part of the state or federal land that you can hunt. Everything is done by unit, and each large game species has a different unit name. The same unit of the deer will provide different numbers of units for the antelope. There are some places where you must have a guide.

I decided to hunt the female deer antelope in the vicinity of Gillette, not in the northeast corner of Wyoming, but in the corner. The group consists of my good friend Gordon, my old friend Tom [now dead] and me. We searched for Unit 22 a few miles southwest of Gillette. We can only find a few square miles of land there, we can hunt. Everything is tied up by the tour guide and the landowner. It's really hard to get any hunting licenses. We had to settle on the 1 mile square. Daylight is coming, and there are antelopes everywhere. There are also many hunters around us. This is what they call school land. You can hunt the country land. We each have 2-3 licenses, and the 3-4 mile antelope will pass through that mile of land all day. We filled all but I think a label. All Doe's. We went to Gillette and bought a bag of ice in the chest of the game, because it was night, we decided to continue driving home, saving all our motel expenses, let us get our game in the cooler as soon as possible . This night in Wyoming became very good and cool. It takes approximately 5 hours to drive to Longmont, Colorado, where we have lived.

The reason we traveled to Wyoming was that it was so politicized to kill antelopes for residents in Colorado. It may take several years for you to get a property mark that you can hunt down. If you have a hunting show, it seems that you will almost certainly get your license. Colorado is far less good for its hunters than Wyoming. Maybe unless you are from outside the state. Hahaha.