How to understand, start and operate a successful family travel business


Why is this a great choice for a home business and how to get started

Are you looking for information about a home business, or you may have read a lot of content, and now you are trying to sort out what might be the best home business? This is a very long article, but it has been going on and we are very confident that you will get your answer.


Are you looking for the best home business? Recent polls show that more than 70% of Internet searchers are looking for such opportunities. But does such a thing really exist?

The question is: If you ask ten different people what the “best” home business is, you might get ten different answers. The truth of the problem is that it really comes down to finding the best one for you.

We all come from a unique background. Each of us has different needs and needs, and the needs or needs will determine what is best. Then we all have different abilities, yes.. Your abilities match the abilities that are best for you. What is best for friends or neighbors, and what might work for them may be your complete mismatch. This article will provide you with a good content and provide one of the most generally recognized "best" business directions.

We all have different interests and personalities, interests, abilities and personalities. We have different strengths and weaknesses. We also come from a variety of different situations. Therefore, not all of us are interested in the same family-based business model.

If you really have a business that suits everyone, can you imagine the competitiveness of this field? It is very difficult for anyone to make money!

You may already see an advertisement for THE#1 revenue-generating opportunities on the Internet. Don't be fooled by all the hype and the so-called easy way to make money. Where is this?

This is where the article comes into play. This article is not a comprehensive list of comments on thousands of home business ideas. This article tells you some parameters of a good family business and then discusses tourism. We offer you the pros and cons of work and business; we tell you the history of our industry and then tell you why it is so good, and it now fits its two main trends: travel and the Internet.

I researched and tried [and sometimes failed] many home-based businesses on the Internet and in the real world, but I found and chose some legal ways to earn lucrative income from home. This is what it means. It's perfect for me, but because you are not me, there may be different personalities [thanks to heaven!], it may not be for you… that's okay. But if you look at things like me, and as shown here…

ME's best home-based business is a family-based travel business. I know this is also suitable for many of you.

But apart from the fact that I am just an ordinary ordinary person who has no special talents… In fact, I may be older than most of the 69-year-old readers, and I just started this last year. This article is not about me. It only points out that anyone can easily participate in the family travel business. It's about you and the life you want and your "working hours", whether you are a mom at home, a retire, or any other category.

So the question is all the various options: Why start an online travel business?

We will first discuss "why", then discuss the various types, then "how." It takes some time, so choose your favorite drink and continue reading. In fact, I recommend that you print it out when the coffee is brewed so that you can really digest it. Mark it. Question with a pencil. Let's get started!

First, when choosing a home-based business, it's important to ask yourself “why” to do so. Are you ready to take it seriously and treat it as a business? This means a normal time commitment and a monetary commitment, because any and all of the businesses you own need a certain level of investment.

This may be the time to distinguish between JOB and business. ..

A job, including a family-based "work," is basically the time to change money, assuming you have an employer who pays you at the dollar value you spend every hour. , or some dollar value of some production. This kind of production may be the usual sales production; it may be manufacturing production, or it may be service production… so many envelopes are full; so many calls, many things have been done. That person will pay you for this, but you know that this person or company just does it because they will earn a certain amount of money for you. You basically get the value of the job; the employer can replace it for you. No matter what your skills, you don't get the income you pay, but the job is worth it. To accept this, you get a level of security because if you perform a "task" or "work" you will get a certain, predictable amount. You may even receive some benefits. But "security" is a joke because everyone knows that security is small. First, the employer must continue to operate. No matter what you are doing, he must have a market and the market will change.

Next, your value is relative! Maybe the employer has a cousin who wants to do your job, or maybe someone is willing to do your job with less money. How safe are you? People tell me every day, "I don't want the risks of the company." Guess everyone! Of course you also have the risk of employees! As for investment… Well, many companies have the costs of employees, and even the IRS recognizes this. There are just some “where” that don’t require any cash investment, but don’t deceive yourself… you are investing, but it’s hidden in the fact that you’re paying for work and meaning. If you’re taking some expenses yourself, you’re Will not get as much compensation as possible.

In contrast, companies, including home businesses, can choose and control the production or business of the business. It can be anything, and perhaps the best business is the business you control the product or service. On the Internet, information products are top-notch; second is service products. Then there is something you make or make. Finally, there are categories of items that others control, but they are available for resale. The affiliate program falls into this category. But you really need to know that if you want a business, you will have business expenses, even family businesses. These are the costs of the office, and then you may need to have some products or users of certain services, so you really know what you have and can do business from a credible perspective. The product or service should be a valuable product or service, and if you are a buyer, you will consume it at retail time. Still… you don't want to enter a business that needs to buy X dollars per month, whether you can use it or not. That is not a legitimate business.

Depending on your philosophy, you may agree that it is important to choose the business you are interested in. Choose something you would like to do, ideally what you love. Think about it, if you want to start a business at home, it makes sense to choose something you would like. If you like it, then you may learn faster and pay more attention to it in the tough process.

But we only mentioned a few things before and "enjoy" as a luxury. These are market size and market growth. Where is your business product or service in terms of its life cycle? Your market is expanding, you can make waves, or you are going down. What is the market size and potential. Will there be a business for you within 5 years? ten?

Finally, we may mention that the business should be ethical and compatible with your beliefs. Many business people, especially Internet companies, know that the porn and gambling industries meet the criteria for growth and market size. You may want to check out these areas, if you prefer, please close this report or article and tear off your paper copy. This is not part of the business world we want to do. Money and income are not important to us.

After evaluating a lot of many companies and participating in several businesses since 1969, including early successful participation in Amway, then Free Life, and several others, including some who just did not "go" for us, we started Aware of the opportunities for online travel business. This is a business model that has just developed in the past few years and is now full of momentum.

It is also important to be part of the trend. Wealth is created by cycling trends. Currently, travel is a trend of $6 trillion per year! By 2010, this figure is estimated at $14 trillion!

Think about all the baby boomers who are about to retire in the next few years. What do people like?


When will you retire? What do you want to do after retirement? If you are like me, travel may be very close to the top of this list.

This is why the tourism industry provides perfect business for opportunity seekers. It just takes advantage of the trend of just getting started. It is seen as a home-based business and it is the second trend: the growth of the Internet as a business medium.

Let's see how and why it evolved into a viable Internet-based travel business.

The process of “booking a trip” for others can be done in three phases. We should also consider two main market segments: business travel and personal or leisure travel, and in the latter category, we will include a very close association, travel and leisure and entertainment activities and accommodation. We will focus on the individual leisure travel and leisure travel market.

Stage 1: When the main mode is a train and an ocean liner, it may be traced back to 75-80 years old. There are no apartments, motels and air travel. But there are plenty of cottages and luxury hotels. We have all heard of Biltmore and others. And there is a certain degree of business travel, but not before we traveled a few years ago [especially sales meetings] before it became so expensive. In addition to those vacations to places like Atlantic City, travel is more in the hands of a more affluent population, and most people don't want to worry about their arrangements or even the location. A small group of “travel agencies” were born, although they may have taken on more responsibilities in terms of protocol, personal assistants and so on. In large companies, experts are taken to the ship to make these arrangements… and look for bargains and discounts for their company.

Phase 2: Now that we have more cars, DC-3 and early airlines are starting to appear. We have reliable calls; we have some early forms of faxing, but telegrams are the primary means of communication for short notices, because mail takes longer and people are beginning to realize that they can make money to book trips for others. Basic two services are provided: destination knowledge and administrative tasks, such as actual purchase travel arrangements on behalf of a third party. A third party can be a business or an individual.

The natural business development followed closely, initially forming a small partnership, because now two people may have the knowledge and experience of two different destinations, but as a single entity [travel agency] can provide customers with more choices. Then, this single agent can bring more trading volume to a travel provider [such as airlines, hotels, etc.] than a single person, so you can negotiate a better discount, or, more commonly, better. Commission, because not all discounts are passed. Everyone benefits.

Airline traffic is particularly difficult to book, and in the later stages of the second phase, computers are beginning to play an increasing role, albeit both expensive and highly specialized. Affordable home computers have not really developed and travel networks are limited. Travel agencies can afford these computer systems and gain access to a variety of vendors, primarily airlines at the time, and make it easy and convenient to book trips. This is going to change!

Stage 3: Changes occur almost at night. As a part of the deregulation of airlines, the competition evolved to the extent that the commission had almost no commission. The number of visits to the Internet and travel databases in the airline and hospitality industries has exploded, and now everyone has at least almost the same administrative authority to bypass institutions that start to shut down at an alarming rate. One thing that some organizations retain in DID is HAD travel and does have personal experience with a variety of providers, resorts, cruise lines, and more. But as the supplier's own profits begin to decline, the availability of FAM also declines. Travel, agents have decreased.

But as this evolution has evolved another trend! The population is growing and the number of passengers is increasing, especially in the leisure market. Many travellers don't have time to really do research, not even buying the best and lowest cost.

But those who are committed to traveling and who like to travel, such as those who stay at home during their trip, find that they can provide the same services as the old, large institutions!

All they need is a supplier who is willing to work with them. At this point, new suppliers are starting to emerge.

Appeared mainly in the entertainment and resort sector, unlike airlines that have reduced, and in many cases have a small number of seats and products, resorts [and cruise lines] continue to build and expand today, they have excess or excess inventory, unless it is one Very limited time in the middle of the year.

The question becomes: How do we fill these empty rooms? These empty special classes? These empty golf courses? These unused campsites?

The answer is: through you!

But you don't know where they are, or how to negotiate prices… but the list of newly developed integrators! There are currently three major integrated groups doing business in the US, one of which highlights the other two because it has more contacts, more experience, more inventory, and a substantially better compensation plan to provide customers with More choices. What you have is a list of contacts or knowledge and time to introduce these options to the travel public. Because you are working with SURPLUS stock suppliers, they are willing to fill these vacancies at very low discount rates, and you can pass these rates as long as you know how to get them.

In fact, anyone can get any position at a discounted price at any time, and many people have been using Orbitz, Travelocity and other services to do so. But these services are very targeted and focused, and deal more with just hotels, car rentals, and to some extent, air travel. People can pick up a major magazine or subway newspaper and find a rental apartment from the owner at a discounted price. But again, this is very limited.

How did you get started?

First, you learned about the three major integration companies that offer travel. If you just advertise that you are looking for a family travel agency or company, you will find that these people will find you soon. Or you can use similar terms to search the internet and find them. Most companies have similar cosmetics because they offer a full set of travel packages or membership fees. This gives the purchaser the right to enjoy discounted travel services.

If they are basically the same, what do you find? We first focus on the legitimate business of the product, so we seek product value. We are looking for a company with flexibility and product mix. Not everyone wants to travel internationally, is there only a domestic package? What can you or your customers provide when they arrive at their destination? Is there a name resort and theme park? Golf? We all "eat" when we travel, how about enjoying a food discount? We know that cruising is "big" but we know that cruise routes range from family-oriented to "swinging singles." Is there a good combination? What is the time limit for the travel package?

As a company, what support tools are there? Training is a must, real, real-time, talking to real people and asking questions? A solid, reliable website is a must. Does the company you want to join provide one? No one will get a good website for free, but is this a fair and reasonable fee?

Do you have access to a personal tutor? Can you be a certified card with a travel agent?

These are just some of the problems.

The “How do you start” in the family travel industry is best summed up in three words: “Do your homework”

So, since you already know some history, let's look at some more things, starting with these advantages, especially when compared to other options, you might sell nutritional products, information products, skin care products, weight loss products, or Many others.

In addition to the profit potential of our industry, there are many other advantages.

This is easy to get started. This aspect will never let me down. With the invention of the Internet, companies that have traditionally been physical stores are now available to all of us. The Internet allows you and other everyday people like me to easily conduct small businesses online. We can connect people around the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in a comfortable home. People can check your business while you sleep, vacation or anything else. A phone service like Skype lets us actually talk to people around the world [one of us may sacrifice some sleep due to time zone differences, but technically this is possible!]

Your business is relatively cheap to start, especially when compared to a more standard travel agency business. Because you no longer need regular office, insurance and employees, businesses. In fact, if you set up a legal IRS-qualified home office, many of your current home expenses are now tax-free [see your accountant, if you don't… get one. Maybe you can even provide some for HIS services] Travel service].

Your potential customers include almost everyone. Who doesn't like to travel or need a vacation? If the economy slows down, your business will grow! People who haven't considered the full price before are now looking for discounts.

You can save a lot of money on your travels.

If you don't get some additional benefits, what does it mean to have a business? With the family travel business, you can enjoy some incredible discounts. And because you are your own boss, you will have more free time to go on holiday and take advantage of these discounts.

Is there any disadvantage to the family travel business? Of course, there is any business.

Travel is a very competitive industry


To gain an edge, you must differentiate yourself from others by preparing yourself for quality products. Those who read this article and find specific interests and contact the author will get some very specific knowledge of how to do this and succeed.

In addition, I have not encountered any other business that is not conducive to family travel.

We hope that you find this article very useful and look forward to seeing some of you join us in this exciting industry soon.