I lost my cat! what should I do?


Thousands of pets get lost every day. This is why 49% of cats stay indoors. You can extend their life by three times and build better connections with them by keeping them indoors. I know they are born hunters, but when we don't live in a city that is three times more dangerous, we start. That's why I encourage you to put your cat indoors.

Make sure your pet has a collar and label. Give rewards, I am lost, indoors only, call me on the phone number. This way, if someone finds him, they will know how to contact you.

step 1

calm! Stop accusing and take a deep breath. You will need all the wisdom about you and follow the steps to reunite with your peers.

Step 2

Check your house from top to bottom. Attic, crawling space, cabinets, closets, garage, drawers and basement. I have hundreds of calls from people who panic, they can't find their beloved fluffy just to find him sticking out from behind the kitchen cabinet the next day. Be methodical and calm.

Remember that animals can absorb energy. If you are crazy, he will be afraid of all the commotion. If he is the only pet, put a bowl of food in the middle of each room to see if they are eaten. This is a clear signal that your fur angel is still somewhere in your home.

Step 3

If your baby is outside, you can start searching. Sweak as much as possible and grab a scented blanket or towel. When you walk around with a can of open tuna, you should be the cat's sniffing beacon. The sweat of clothes, blankets or towels and tuna is an irresistible combination.

When you are walking around, be sure to call the kitten in a soft, loving, normal tone. If you have a nickname, use a nickname. If you see him and he didn't come to you, sit on the floor and put the tuna in front of you and lick him.

Keep calling and be patient. After the cat has left his environment for a while, he can go to the wild [survival mode] and may have difficulty recognizing his human beings. Once he was close enough, slowly reach out and wrap him in a blanket and towel and take him home. Remember, your voice should be sweet and tempting.

Step 4

Call the humanitarian community and let them know about your lost pet. Rent a humane trap and put it at the door of the pet. Cover the trap with clothes with a familiar smell and put your favorite food in it. You may catch some other babies, so know how to release them from the trap.

Step 5

It is very important to say it! That's why I encourage everyone to keep the latest photos of their pets. The description may be ambiguous, but a picture says a thousand words.

Step 6

Reward posters are an important tool for pet rehabilitation. Unfortunately, people are motivated by money, and if they see the amount, they will take extra steps to find your missing pet. The number of reward posters should be the top of the bold letters that can be seen from a distance. Next should be a photo of your pet. The next section should be: Lost [description date] near the last time you saw it [given only the street name].

Give any special features such as extra toes, scars, curved tails, very shy, and a clear description of the coat and variety of companion animals. Don't write down your address, just write down your phone number. If the pet has a specific medical problem, please list it on the leaflet. If you don't let go, "have special needs." If someone has a pet, this is a big motivation. They will think there will be veterinary fees and will return the pets as soon as possible.

Always go pick up with others and don't bring cash. In addition, the reward will be given when the pet is restored.

Step 7

Distribute posters, or I like to call it "flood". As it turns out, the more posters you propose, the better the results. People always put some of them down, but if you "flood" the area, some people will always stay and let people see.

Copy the flyer and place it in your local newspaper. If your pet is taking medicine, getting sick, and being a partner for the elderly or children, TV news and radio will see this as a "special interest" human story. Explore this area. I have compiled a list of places to place posters. If you encounter any other good, please email me so that we can share it with others.

  • Antique shop

  • Apartment building [mailbox in the lobby]

  • ATM

  • bank

  • cosmetic products

  • Bulletin Board

  • BUS stop

  • Cable company [you can fax this to the installer to go out]

  • a lot of cars

  • Car rental

  • Check the redemption location

  • church

  • Cleaner

  • Clinic [emergency and government clinic]

  • clothing store

  • coffee shop

  • Computer store

  • Day care

  • DMV

  • Doctor [you can fax these and see your yellow pages]

  • Dentist [you can fax these and see your yellow pages]

  • Donut shop

  • Door to door [in their mailbox]

  • Electric company [fax to the head office, they go out to repair]

  • Emergency medical [human and animal]

  • Feed store

  • Food distribution [view pizza, Chinese food, chicken, etc. in yellow pages]

  • They have been out for delivery! It’s better to deliver the poster yourself.

  • But you can fax them]

  • gardener

  • Gardening supplies

  • Gas company [fax]

  • gas

  • General supply

  • Government office

  • Grocery store [look if they allow you to put it in the pet food section

  • Store]

  • Home improvement store

  • Hospital [Drs and nurse's cafeteria and recreation room]

  • Human society

  • ice cream shop

  • K Mart, WALMART, Sears

  • Self-service laundry

  • library

  • Hotel

  • Mail carrier [give them]

  • UPS delivery [if you see the truck put it on the windshield]

  • Before the Federal Reserve

  • Conference Hall [Elks, Moose and other organizations]

  • Motel

  • Movie rental place

  • cinema

  • New building

  • News report

  • nursing home

  • PO BOX rental

  • Telephone company [this can also be faxed]!

  • Photo copy location

  • Photo development site

  • Paper boy

  • parking lot

  • pharmacy

  • post Office

  • restaurant

  • school

  • shopping center

  • Street corner [take the traffic lights and stop sign]

  • Travel agency

  • Truck stop

  • Veterinarian [with a radius of 5 miles ~ you can fax these]!

  • Weight observer

Hope this helps!