Small house


All the carnival!

Small houses, small portable buildings made of houses, are very popular. Villa Smith of St. Louis, Missouri said: "Small space can save a small fee!" I want a small house, a house that I can pay off in a few years.

Small houses are carnival. HGTV [Home and Garden TV, Wired Network] hosted "House Hunters" and displayed small houses in several episodes. It seems that the most authentic "Tiny house" has wheels that roll on the highway, or slides that allow for first placement, and options that are easy to move. Personally, if I buy a house on wheels, it would be a camper.

The idea of ​​building and living in a small house really appeals to me. Is it attractive to you? The appeal is spreading widely. For many reasons, young people and older people have chosen more affordable home ownership.

How much does a small house cost?

I don't like HGTV's interpretation of Tiny Houses is the price of a small house. The price quoted at them should be BOGO sales [buy one get one free].

In more than one episode, the cost is as high as 50K, and the cost of a case is 80K, which is only 250 square feet. The price they paid was professional interior design, because I believe that the construction cost of the house is not high. I don't care if it's shipped from one side of the country to the other, but it's made with the most expensive front door and windows on the market. Without a home, it doesn't cost $80,000 for a 250-square-foot structure!

Small portable building built on a taxi

Skateboards have a lifetime warranty if you buy from a suitable portable building manufacturer. The quality of the structure is impeccable, built like a million dollars, with a larger structure.

Not all portable buildings are equal. Some are built with a 16-inch center and some are not. Some manufacturers put spare wood in the corner and cut other corners as much as possible. The quality structure of small buildings is almost always made using the real Amish process.

Focus on companies that offer the highest quality requirements. You don't have to be an Amish to build a great building. What you need is a history of building quality buildings. Previous customers have an opinion on the quality of the buildings they purchased.

Do your research and take the time to make a decision. Most people can easily sell it, don't be one of those people. House ownership is a serious investment. You need to put all your eggs in one basket and collect all the facts in order to make a high quality decision. The popularity of small houses is obvious. Do not sell quickly.

in conclusion

Don't spend 80 K on a small building to be real.

Would you rather buy a small portable building on a skateboard and easily place it anywhere? Maybe you really want wheels and taxis. If so, someone put it on the trailer and it still doesn't cost 80K.

If you choose to place your home on a sturdy floor, you can easily move it later. Your building is really portable. The small structure sets the pace for small utility bills and maintenance. For today's busy population, for many reasons, we spend more time at work, school or outing than in the house. If your home is a real motel room, add it and buy your own small house.