Algiers’ cuisine offers diversity, luxury and economy

Algiers, the capital of Algeria, has many excellent restaurants. Many residents and tourists in Algiers may travel to the old El-Djazair to spend the best of traditional Algerian cuisine nights and they will be happy with their choice. However, there are some lesser-known restaurant updates in Algiers that are fresher and are offering traditional North African lamb, fish and chicken evolution through culinary artists who have just reached their craft peak.

Fortunately, Algiers has many great restaurants. In the past few months, the city has become one of the six best restaurants in the city. from
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Le Tantra

. This little gem is hidden in a beautiful villa in the Bois des Arcades, a wooded area near the river. from

Maqam Echahid from

 The monument to the martyrs of Riad Elfes. from

Le Tantra from

 There is a wonderful open terrace in summer, perfect for dining from

open airfrom

But when eating too cold at night, eating indoors may be better.

Chef at from

Le Tantra from

 It is an excellent synthesizer, as expected in the seaside of Algiers, in seafood, but his poultry and lamb are also very interesting. from

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. Recent guests have ordered fried shrimp appetizers, main course grilled sea bass, French apple pie and ice cream desserts. Can you imagine a simpler homemade meal? However, this is enjoyable.

Preparation is everything. Freshly baked bread topped with a plate of tomatoes and fresh local sardines, followed by a second plate of roasted peppers. Tomatoes and sardines are a delicious prelude to grilled shrimp. The from

Gambasfrom flights
Because shrimp is well known in this part of the world, it is so fresh – there are no camouflage shellfish outside the ocean – carefully fry with a little pineapple mixed butter.

One night highlight from

Le Tantra from

 Of course it can be grilled squid, baked with very high calories to seal its subtle taste and juice, and then baked to perfection on a slow wood fire. The squid has no sauce and is indeed a sign of a very confident chef. There is nothing to hide the subtle and wonderful taste of the bass. As long as this item remains on the menu, many guests will enjoy this enjoyment. You may consider the desert before ordering coffee. The best of them is the French apple pie and cinnamon ice cream, a little off the US version. from
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Pie pattern

. Apple pie from

Le Tantra from

 It is a very warm, moist, but spicy and crunchy shell, an excellent enjoyment.

Don't expect luxury decoration Le TantraAlthough it is very elegant, it still maintains a gorgeous style and is spotless. The waiter was also very helpful and very attentive. Don't try to leave Algeria from

Le Tantra from

 At least once.