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In the air on 9-11-2001


I will never forget how lucky I was on the day the plane landed! All of this seems to be so surreal. Although I was shocked and saddened by the victims, I still had to deal with my immediate challenge, that is, "How do I leave Kansas?" Clicking on my treatment for 3 times will definitely not let me go home.

On November 9, 2001, my international baking fair from Baltimore to Las Vegas was in the air that morning. This happens every four years. That was the day I worked for a US company I really like, and it was a lot in the business, so I think you can say that I am a very experienced traveler.

Once we started to fall, I knew that something was wrong because we were two hours away from the destination. As I turned to the couple sitting in my row, "Some things are wrong, because we are falling, we are only two hours away from Las Vegas." The pilot announced that "all aircraft were ordered for national security reasons." To land at the nearest airport, we will land in Kansas City.

On that plane, everything became so quiet, you can hear the pins fall, and the flight attendants looked pale! No one has to tell me this is great. In a few minutes, the pilot came again, saying "something happened in New York and the East Coast." That will definitely narrow it down, isn't it? Now that I am not a type of panic, I continue to be an eternal optimist, but let us face it, this is a huge thing that has never happened.

The pilot then declared for the last time that "the aircraft did not have any direct danger."

I didn't realize it at the time, I didn't know what happened, but then I realized that they still don't know where all the terrorists are, they need to be careful what information to send. In addition, I am sure they do not want people to panic.

These vague information makes us wonder what terrible things can happen. I noticed that several people tried to use the phone on the phone without luck. I tried not to imagine the worst, but so far, according to the information, some ideas are impossible. I think the entire East Coast may have been destroyed, and I may have lost all my family and friends! When we finally landed [and you will be surprised, how long it might take 45 minutes], they let us stand up and sit down three times until they finally let us go. The last thing the pilot said was "You will see what happens on the airport TV."

When we left the plane, each of them handed us a plastic boarding pass [yes, when Southwest Airlines used to use plastic boarding passes with numbers]. When I entered the airport and saw what happened, I knew that no one would fly anywhere soon! So, I still have a plastic boarding pass. Guess what? I am number 12, so if they board the plane to Las Vegas, I will be the first to board!

So there, I was trapped alone in the center of this country, without the soul I knew. The worst feeling is that I have a child on the West Coast and a child on the East Coast, I am not near any of them! In such a crisis period, the natural instinct is to be with the family. I think we all want to know "What is the next step?"

Everyone tried to answer the call through their mobile phone, so whenever I try everything I can get is the strange German police voice, Lulu Lulu. Few phones can pass, because the circuit is overloaded and the tower drops in New York.

I tried to call, but there are hundreds of trapped people at the airport, and everyone is doing the same thing! I tried a few car rental calls at the airport. When I can get one, the answer is always the same, no one left! We were the last plane to land, so there was no car and no room.

Finally, I was able to pass the National Emerald Island number and asked questions about renting a car in Kansas City. Her answer is "I have left two people throughout Kansas!" I said, "Which one is closest to the Kansas City airport?" She replied "I don't know." I asked her if she had a map and she said she did. I said, "Can you take it out and see it?" It turns out that the closest thing is in Manhattan, KS 21⁄2 hours. drive to. Believe it or not, I have been there before, about 15 years old. Previously attended the American Baking Association course! I remember that they called the town a "little apple."

Ok, now I booked a car, this is the next challenge, how can I get there?

Remember, during my entire challenge, I still desperately want to get in touch with my sister and her family across the George Washington Bridge in the subway area. The only number I can call is their apartment because their phone is not working.

Finally, the lady working at the airport asked me for help. I told her about the car and she said that I had to go there by bus. Then, she said, in order to get on the bus, I had to take one of the buses. So, I took the shuttle bus and took me to the bus that now takes 4 hours. Going to drive to Las Vegas for 2 days! Yo!

Well, when your choice is limited, you only have to do what my son said and "pass the soldiers."

I walked to the side of the road and jumped onto the shuttle. [I later found it from a colleague from there and was already trapped in Las Vegas. But on that day, there was no "correct" day] only three and a half people were on my side of the shuttle On, a young woman took her 16-month-old baby boy and a middle-aged gentleman through us, and another gentleman was in front.

The young lady began to ask me where I went, and then I knew she was helping the gentleman opposite us to take me there. It turned out that she and her baby were thrown away at the airport and never took off, so he said he would take them home, which is very close to my car rental. Her name is Aletha and the baby is Colton. Aletha had tears in her eyes because she told me that her husband was in service and had just been sent to Kauiwait the day before.

The generous gentleman, who is about to drive 21⁄2 completely strangers in the 2 and a half hours from his home KS, is not flying out, so we all shuttled in the super cab truck in the parking lot. When he loaded the baggage, I apologized. I couldn't help him because I had a rotator cuff surgery not long ago. He said that his wife also underwent surgery. Then we got on the truck and realized that we didn't even know each other's names. So he said "I am Larry" and I said "I am Sally." He said, "This is the name of my wife!"

When we arrived at Larry's home, his wife opened the door and I said, "Dear, we are going home!" She smiled. They are the most exciting and elegant pair. They proposed to take us to the place we needed to go, even to let us spend the night with them, if we want them to take us the next day. Then the phone rang and I could hear Larry say in the kitchen: "Yes, I found two women and a baby!" They were very kind and generous.

We left my journey, picked up my rental car, and took Aletha and her baby home. Larry and his lovely wife, Sally, won't take any money for gasoline or trouble, I tried it! I told Larry and Sally that the film "pays the price." They have not heard of this movie, so I described the concept of "paying the price."

In 2 and a half hours. I continued to try to find my sister and her family and a few people who kept calling me and finally passed. Whenever someone finds me, they will ask me which way I will go when I drive. I don't know until I can get my brother by phone. He assured me that my sister and my three nephews are fine! Yo! You saw that my daughter was 21 years old on the following Tuesday. She was alone in Santa Barbara, so I spent a holiday after a trip to Las Vegas and had a birthday with her.

I found my boss and told him I was on the road. He said, "Really? How come you are here?" I said "I am driving" and he said "This is a very long car" and I said "This is a longer walk." He said, "When you get here, I will be very happy to meet you."

When we arrived at the car rental location, they waited to make sure I was ready. When I came back, Larry said: "Now you drive carefully across the country and pass it on to me." I said I will definitely! Until today, I am sorry that I have never received their full contact information so that I can send messages to them. So if anyone knows Larry and Sally in Kansas City, let me know, so I can thank them for their incredible goodwill!

So I am going to the west for a 2-day drive to Las Vegas. I immediately began to hike through this huge country where we live. I want to tell you that there are a lot of things there!


Whenever I see a slogan that says "Check speed with an airplane", I think, "Not today."

The most amazing thing happened in the two-day driveway. Every sign, I said is the sign of the two-day driving value, saying "God bless America"!!!

I stayed at a small motel in Colorado that night. I went to bed at 29 degrees. It is 105 degrees in Arizona in the afternoon of the next day! unbelievable!

My family and friends called me for three days! Many roads are closed in the metropolitan area, so my sister and brother-in-law can't go home to the little son who went home alone. He was 14 years old that day. So, every time I can pass, I call him and talk to him all the time, wish him a happy birthday, tell him not to leave home, wait for his mother and dad to go home. They finally passed around 1 am.

There are no flights in Las Vegas and no car rental. Many people have been trapped there for several days. When the contemporary passenger stopped my car rental, I said, "You don't give the car to other people!". Surprisingly, the valet said that three people at the hotel bought the car that morning, so they could leave the town. The conference center was closed due to the bomb threat of the day [Wednesday]. So I stayed for one night, took part in the show the next day, and then drove my taxi to Los Angeles, where I booked a vacation rental car. I have a flight from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, but I can see that this won't happen soon. It took another 6 hours to drive after 2 days. anyway?

Surprisingly, Good Southwest Airlines was one of the first companies to fly again. My boyfriend should meet with me in Los Angeles on Friday to start our holiday. Southwest Airlines sent him to Los Angeles only one night later, and the flight arrived early!

We can be at Jenna's 21st birthday! Never let mom not be there for her children! Jenna will be 30 years old on September 18 this year! My time has passed so fast. Make sure to make the most of every moment, because time has a really sneaky way!

There are still many very good people there, and many people have proved this on that important day. Strangers are not strangers. They became new friends.

To this day, I hope to get the contact between Larry and Sally so that I can thank them for being so kind and help some trapped people on September 11, 2001.

So, if anyone knows how to find Larry and Sally in Kansas City, please let me know.


Wyoming Antelope Hunter


Every year around June, I will hunt and know that in most states, their license deadline will come soon. Wyoming is undoubtedly the best antelope hunting in the United States. If you prefer, you can purchase or apply for multiple licenses. Depending on what you want, meat or trophy. If you want to eat meat, you can get a license for 2 to 5 antelopes. If you want a good buck, you need to do some research and find the source of the trophy. [I recommend the red desert area in northwestern Wamsutter, Wyoming. North of I-80, or southwest of Wamsutter, south of the 80s. Both areas have some huge money. Wamsutter is located on the south side of I-80, in Sinclair And Green River. If my memory is correct, you need to do some homework to decide what you want to do.

Call the Wyoming Game and Fish Department in Cheyenne. They are really very good at helping you. Request a permit application, including a map. Ask if there is any remaining buck or doe license. Ask about these applications. Once you get them, decide where you want to go. Most of the land is inaccessible! But there is a fairly large part of the state or federal land that you can hunt. Everything is done by unit, and each large game species has a different unit name. The same unit of the deer will provide different numbers of units for the antelope. There are some places where you must have a guide.

I decided to hunt the female deer antelope in the vicinity of Gillette, not in the northeast corner of Wyoming, but in the corner. The group consists of my good friend Gordon, my old friend Tom [now dead] and me. We searched for Unit 22 a few miles southwest of Gillette. We can only find a few square miles of land there, we can hunt. Everything is tied up by the tour guide and the landowner. It's really hard to get any hunting licenses. We had to settle on the 1 mile square. Daylight is coming, and there are antelopes everywhere. There are also many hunters around us. This is what they call school land. You can hunt the country land. We each have 2-3 licenses, and the 3-4 mile antelope will pass through that mile of land all day. We filled all but I think a label. All Doe's. We went to Gillette and bought a bag of ice in the chest of the game, because it was night, we decided to continue driving home, saving all our motel expenses, let us get our game in the cooler as soon as possible . This night in Wyoming became very good and cool. It takes approximately 5 hours to drive to Longmont, Colorado, where we have lived.

The reason we traveled to Wyoming was that it was so politicized to kill antelopes for residents in Colorado. It may take several years for you to get a property mark that you can hunt down. If you have a hunting show, it seems that you will almost certainly get your license. Colorado is far less good for its hunters than Wyoming. Maybe unless you are from outside the state. Hahaha.


How to understand, start and operate a successful family travel business


Why is this a great choice for a home business and how to get started

Are you looking for information about a home business, or you may have read a lot of content, and now you are trying to sort out what might be the best home business? This is a very long article, but it has been going on and we are very confident that you will get your answer.


Are you looking for the best home business? Recent polls show that more than 70% of Internet searchers are looking for such opportunities. But does such a thing really exist?

The question is: If you ask ten different people what the “best” home business is, you might get ten different answers. The truth of the problem is that it really comes down to finding the best one for you.

We all come from a unique background. Each of us has different needs and needs, and the needs or needs will determine what is best. Then we all have different abilities, yes.. Your abilities match the abilities that are best for you. What is best for friends or neighbors, and what might work for them may be your complete mismatch. This article will provide you with a good content and provide one of the most generally recognized "best" business directions.

We all have different interests and personalities, interests, abilities and personalities. We have different strengths and weaknesses. We also come from a variety of different situations. Therefore, not all of us are interested in the same family-based business model.

If you really have a business that suits everyone, can you imagine the competitiveness of this field? It is very difficult for anyone to make money!

You may already see an advertisement for THE#1 revenue-generating opportunities on the Internet. Don't be fooled by all the hype and the so-called easy way to make money. Where is this?

This is where the article comes into play. This article is not a comprehensive list of comments on thousands of home business ideas. This article tells you some parameters of a good family business and then discusses tourism. We offer you the pros and cons of work and business; we tell you the history of our industry and then tell you why it is so good, and it now fits its two main trends: travel and the Internet.

I researched and tried [and sometimes failed] many home-based businesses on the Internet and in the real world, but I found and chose some legal ways to earn lucrative income from home. This is what it means. It's perfect for me, but because you are not me, there may be different personalities [thanks to heaven!], it may not be for you… that's okay. But if you look at things like me, and as shown here…

ME's best home-based business is a family-based travel business. I know this is also suitable for many of you.

But apart from the fact that I am just an ordinary ordinary person who has no special talents… In fact, I may be older than most of the 69-year-old readers, and I just started this last year. This article is not about me. It only points out that anyone can easily participate in the family travel business. It's about you and the life you want and your "working hours", whether you are a mom at home, a retire, or any other category.

So the question is all the various options: Why start an online travel business?

We will first discuss "why", then discuss the various types, then "how." It takes some time, so choose your favorite drink and continue reading. In fact, I recommend that you print it out when the coffee is brewed so that you can really digest it. Mark it. Question with a pencil. Let's get started!

First, when choosing a home-based business, it's important to ask yourself “why” to do so. Are you ready to take it seriously and treat it as a business? This means a normal time commitment and a monetary commitment, because any and all of the businesses you own need a certain level of investment.

This may be the time to distinguish between JOB and business. ..

A job, including a family-based "work," is basically the time to change money, assuming you have an employer who pays you at the dollar value you spend every hour. , or some dollar value of some production. This kind of production may be the usual sales production; it may be manufacturing production, or it may be service production… so many envelopes are full; so many calls, many things have been done. That person will pay you for this, but you know that this person or company just does it because they will earn a certain amount of money for you. You basically get the value of the job; the employer can replace it for you. No matter what your skills, you don't get the income you pay, but the job is worth it. To accept this, you get a level of security because if you perform a "task" or "work" you will get a certain, predictable amount. You may even receive some benefits. But "security" is a joke because everyone knows that security is small. First, the employer must continue to operate. No matter what you are doing, he must have a market and the market will change.

Next, your value is relative! Maybe the employer has a cousin who wants to do your job, or maybe someone is willing to do your job with less money. How safe are you? People tell me every day, "I don't want the risks of the company." Guess everyone! Of course you also have the risk of employees! As for investment… Well, many companies have the costs of employees, and even the IRS recognizes this. There are just some “where” that don’t require any cash investment, but don’t deceive yourself… you are investing, but it’s hidden in the fact that you’re paying for work and meaning. If you’re taking some expenses yourself, you’re Will not get as much compensation as possible.

In contrast, companies, including home businesses, can choose and control the production or business of the business. It can be anything, and perhaps the best business is the business you control the product or service. On the Internet, information products are top-notch; second is service products. Then there is something you make or make. Finally, there are categories of items that others control, but they are available for resale. The affiliate program falls into this category. But you really need to know that if you want a business, you will have business expenses, even family businesses. These are the costs of the office, and then you may need to have some products or users of certain services, so you really know what you have and can do business from a credible perspective. The product or service should be a valuable product or service, and if you are a buyer, you will consume it at retail time. Still… you don't want to enter a business that needs to buy X dollars per month, whether you can use it or not. That is not a legitimate business.

Depending on your philosophy, you may agree that it is important to choose the business you are interested in. Choose something you would like to do, ideally what you love. Think about it, if you want to start a business at home, it makes sense to choose something you would like. If you like it, then you may learn faster and pay more attention to it in the tough process.

But we only mentioned a few things before and "enjoy" as a luxury. These are market size and market growth. Where is your business product or service in terms of its life cycle? Your market is expanding, you can make waves, or you are going down. What is the market size and potential. Will there be a business for you within 5 years? ten?

Finally, we may mention that the business should be ethical and compatible with your beliefs. Many business people, especially Internet companies, know that the porn and gambling industries meet the criteria for growth and market size. You may want to check out these areas, if you prefer, please close this report or article and tear off your paper copy. This is not part of the business world we want to do. Money and income are not important to us.

After evaluating a lot of many companies and participating in several businesses since 1969, including early successful participation in Amway, then Free Life, and several others, including some who just did not "go" for us, we started Aware of the opportunities for online travel business. This is a business model that has just developed in the past few years and is now full of momentum.

It is also important to be part of the trend. Wealth is created by cycling trends. Currently, travel is a trend of $6 trillion per year! By 2010, this figure is estimated at $14 trillion!

Think about all the baby boomers who are about to retire in the next few years. What do people like?


When will you retire? What do you want to do after retirement? If you are like me, travel may be very close to the top of this list.

This is why the tourism industry provides perfect business for opportunity seekers. It just takes advantage of the trend of just getting started. It is seen as a home-based business and it is the second trend: the growth of the Internet as a business medium.

Let's see how and why it evolved into a viable Internet-based travel business.

The process of “booking a trip” for others can be done in three phases. We should also consider two main market segments: business travel and personal or leisure travel, and in the latter category, we will include a very close association, travel and leisure and entertainment activities and accommodation. We will focus on the individual leisure travel and leisure travel market.

Stage 1: When the main mode is a train and an ocean liner, it may be traced back to 75-80 years old. There are no apartments, motels and air travel. But there are plenty of cottages and luxury hotels. We have all heard of Biltmore and others. And there is a certain degree of business travel, but not before we traveled a few years ago [especially sales meetings] before it became so expensive. In addition to those vacations to places like Atlantic City, travel is more in the hands of a more affluent population, and most people don't want to worry about their arrangements or even the location. A small group of “travel agencies” were born, although they may have taken on more responsibilities in terms of protocol, personal assistants and so on. In large companies, experts are taken to the ship to make these arrangements… and look for bargains and discounts for their company.

Phase 2: Now that we have more cars, DC-3 and early airlines are starting to appear. We have reliable calls; we have some early forms of faxing, but telegrams are the primary means of communication for short notices, because mail takes longer and people are beginning to realize that they can make money to book trips for others. Basic two services are provided: destination knowledge and administrative tasks, such as actual purchase travel arrangements on behalf of a third party. A third party can be a business or an individual.

The natural business development followed closely, initially forming a small partnership, because now two people may have the knowledge and experience of two different destinations, but as a single entity [travel agency] can provide customers with more choices. Then, this single agent can bring more trading volume to a travel provider [such as airlines, hotels, etc.] than a single person, so you can negotiate a better discount, or, more commonly, better. Commission, because not all discounts are passed. Everyone benefits.

Airline traffic is particularly difficult to book, and in the later stages of the second phase, computers are beginning to play an increasing role, albeit both expensive and highly specialized. Affordable home computers have not really developed and travel networks are limited. Travel agencies can afford these computer systems and gain access to a variety of vendors, primarily airlines at the time, and make it easy and convenient to book trips. This is going to change!

Stage 3: Changes occur almost at night. As a part of the deregulation of airlines, the competition evolved to the extent that the commission had almost no commission. The number of visits to the Internet and travel databases in the airline and hospitality industries has exploded, and now everyone has at least almost the same administrative authority to bypass institutions that start to shut down at an alarming rate. One thing that some organizations retain in DID is HAD travel and does have personal experience with a variety of providers, resorts, cruise lines, and more. But as the supplier's own profits begin to decline, the availability of FAM also declines. Travel, agents have decreased.

But as this evolution has evolved another trend! The population is growing and the number of passengers is increasing, especially in the leisure market. Many travellers don't have time to really do research, not even buying the best and lowest cost.

But those who are committed to traveling and who like to travel, such as those who stay at home during their trip, find that they can provide the same services as the old, large institutions!

All they need is a supplier who is willing to work with them. At this point, new suppliers are starting to emerge.

Appeared mainly in the entertainment and resort sector, unlike airlines that have reduced, and in many cases have a small number of seats and products, resorts [and cruise lines] continue to build and expand today, they have excess or excess inventory, unless it is one Very limited time in the middle of the year.

The question becomes: How do we fill these empty rooms? These empty special classes? These empty golf courses? These unused campsites?

The answer is: through you!

But you don't know where they are, or how to negotiate prices… but the list of newly developed integrators! There are currently three major integrated groups doing business in the US, one of which highlights the other two because it has more contacts, more experience, more inventory, and a substantially better compensation plan to provide customers with More choices. What you have is a list of contacts or knowledge and time to introduce these options to the travel public. Because you are working with SURPLUS stock suppliers, they are willing to fill these vacancies at very low discount rates, and you can pass these rates as long as you know how to get them.

In fact, anyone can get any position at a discounted price at any time, and many people have been using Orbitz, Travelocity and other services to do so. But these services are very targeted and focused, and deal more with just hotels, car rentals, and to some extent, air travel. People can pick up a major magazine or subway newspaper and find a rental apartment from the owner at a discounted price. But again, this is very limited.

How did you get started?

First, you learned about the three major integration companies that offer travel. If you just advertise that you are looking for a family travel agency or company, you will find that these people will find you soon. Or you can use similar terms to search the internet and find them. Most companies have similar cosmetics because they offer a full set of travel packages or membership fees. This gives the purchaser the right to enjoy discounted travel services.

If they are basically the same, what do you find? We first focus on the legitimate business of the product, so we seek product value. We are looking for a company with flexibility and product mix. Not everyone wants to travel internationally, is there only a domestic package? What can you or your customers provide when they arrive at their destination? Is there a name resort and theme park? Golf? We all "eat" when we travel, how about enjoying a food discount? We know that cruising is "big" but we know that cruise routes range from family-oriented to "swinging singles." Is there a good combination? What is the time limit for the travel package?

As a company, what support tools are there? Training is a must, real, real-time, talking to real people and asking questions? A solid, reliable website is a must. Does the company you want to join provide one? No one will get a good website for free, but is this a fair and reasonable fee?

Do you have access to a personal tutor? Can you be a certified card with a travel agent?

These are just some of the problems.

The “How do you start” in the family travel industry is best summed up in three words: “Do your homework”

So, since you already know some history, let's look at some more things, starting with these advantages, especially when compared to other options, you might sell nutritional products, information products, skin care products, weight loss products, or Many others.

In addition to the profit potential of our industry, there are many other advantages.

This is easy to get started. This aspect will never let me down. With the invention of the Internet, companies that have traditionally been physical stores are now available to all of us. The Internet allows you and other everyday people like me to easily conduct small businesses online. We can connect people around the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in a comfortable home. People can check your business while you sleep, vacation or anything else. A phone service like Skype lets us actually talk to people around the world [one of us may sacrifice some sleep due to time zone differences, but technically this is possible!]

Your business is relatively cheap to start, especially when compared to a more standard travel agency business. Because you no longer need regular office, insurance and employees, businesses. In fact, if you set up a legal IRS-qualified home office, many of your current home expenses are now tax-free [see your accountant, if you don't… get one. Maybe you can even provide some for HIS services] Travel service].

Your potential customers include almost everyone. Who doesn't like to travel or need a vacation? If the economy slows down, your business will grow! People who haven't considered the full price before are now looking for discounts.

You can save a lot of money on your travels.

If you don't get some additional benefits, what does it mean to have a business? With the family travel business, you can enjoy some incredible discounts. And because you are your own boss, you will have more free time to go on holiday and take advantage of these discounts.

Is there any disadvantage to the family travel business? Of course, there is any business.

Travel is a very competitive industry


To gain an edge, you must differentiate yourself from others by preparing yourself for quality products. Those who read this article and find specific interests and contact the author will get some very specific knowledge of how to do this and succeed.

In addition, I have not encountered any other business that is not conducive to family travel.

We hope that you find this article very useful and look forward to seeing some of you join us in this exciting industry soon.


Psychological Research Foundation


Karen was the name of the receptionist. When I went downstairs, I sat behind my desk at noon on Saturday morning. I have never heard of them, in fact they are planning to find J.B. Rhein College or from

Human Nature Research Association from

 [FRNM]. I stumbled upon the ' mother'. There is no need to come to these places to find their literature or research. I can find enough in the Library of Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach. I want to experience these things myself.

Karen Getsla is more than just a receptionist. In this antique house under Mulan, there is a man in the living room in front. He was on the bed and there was a cat and tape recorder in the room. Karen explained that this is the most effective astral or OOBE [out of the body experience] researcher Blue Harary. I later found one of his books in an account at Laguna Beach, but this was another life in nearly two decades. Karen explained that black cats help guide blue travel. She is a few years older than me, a handsome woman with a lot of strength, at first I seem a bit annoying. We talked, obviously she needs to impress me. I know that this will not be the behavior of people who are not interested in me. There seemed to be no time for her to go out that day; I listened and encouraged her to tell me everything about herself. Undoubtedly, I am very impressed. She told me that she had participated in the FRNM project to communicate with submarines within the radio range. I have read this one of the better evidences of super psychology and ESP. Still not 100% of the evidence that the speaker needs.

She talked about studying for a degree in psychology at Duke University and how she helped the yogi to mentally remove a needle that failed in the treatment of children's spine. This happened in her hometown of Chicago. Obviously, the man she participated in hurts her very much and does some sort of witchcraft when she is his "work partner." “Working Partner” is a spiritual/sexual etiquette partner of witchcraft. She told me that she was a senior priestess of Majik. I saw the need for power and the tendency to be stingy or self-seeking.

I told her about Dottie and Ed. She had heard of Ed and left a deep impression, but he did not show it. I told her I would come back and didn't press this question. As our relationship develops, I have the opportunity to learn how to play a more passive role in decision making. She made it clear that she was not interested in any man in life being ruled or "high heels." Karen told me that she can perform a PK with all known energy [electric, magnetic, etc.] grounded or a light between her hands.

When I was working in the office of Hampton/Newport News, Ambert Dail was the person I was able to talk freely. He and his sales manager tried to help with the sale, but in addition to some airing time and introduction, our products must be sold according to their own advantages. Although Amber seems to be a very straightforward person, he will talk to me about spiritual things. I often read books like Zolar. Ancient and taboo knowledge encyclopedia In the ARE library. I don't remember when he gave me a radio D.J. as a talk show host. He believes that a more solid scientific approach than the Spiritual Wealth Calculator will create a great market. This was originally a news report involving interviews with interesting people. I often hope that I accept it. I told him that my business and family are important and Karen would do better.

This is related to my time during the 1974-5 period in the Virginia Commonwealth. She is involved in a group of lesbians, and I think they are also involved in witchcraft. They have a design in terms of sex and don't like me to be there.

When I returned to Toronto, I was excited about Karen and my new way of learning to connect with women. I used to take Karen to eat and watch movies, but I look forward to dating in a week or two and she invited me to become her spouse at the Director of the Psychological Research Foundation. I joined their members and received their newsletter "Theta" at the Toronto office. Swaena received a poem from Karen, who responded and included a piece of art. I am surprised that Karen introduced himself to my family. There are many interesting articles in this newsletter from super psychology research around the world, and I tried to make John and others see this spiritual thing not so strange. I went to eat one night in Toronto. John, Swan and I all like to talk, but when John and I talk at the same time, Swan is very sad. I still have problems with this matter because I can pay attention to several conversations while writing and talking on the phone. There is a social advantage element that I have never grown up in a male family, of course.

"So. Karen looks like Bob?" When Swaena rubbed her hand around John, she spoke in a normal and enthusiastic manner. If I remember correctly, they don't live together at this time. The swan was separated or divorced, and John no longer dated her sister Peggy.

"Her hair is dirty, short but full, I think it is bangs. I like her round face, I think you can say she is handsome, not beautiful. She won't try makeup and other things. Her skin is not I need anything, my lips are full. Her eyes are brown but not dark. You know there must be a chemistry and a good atmosphere, for me. I was a little shocked, she wrote to you, and there was a Poetry. She did not say she wanted me as a boyfriend or anything."

"If she takes you to her director's party, what does this mean, isn't it?" John smiled.

"Yes, I think. But maybe it's just because she needs a date."

“I found that you are very different from most women. Do you like passive?” Swan joked.

“Yes, I am exploring my negative human or female support. Her self occupies most of the available space I guess you can say.”

"We share the stage very easily, not us John."

"I think you go further." We all laughed. Everyone knows that Swaena is one of the most lively and chattering people except my dear mother.

"In fact, you are all "cancers," which makes you very "healthy."

"Do you think Karen is a ' suitable for you?" asked the swan.

"I know that I can learn a lot from her. Now it's more than that. Now my heart is full of my mood, I am a little obsessed."

“Myrna still has a lot of your heart?” John asked wisely.

"I will love Myrna forever! If you really love someone, I think it will never end. But no, Karen will not be what Myrna was or has done for me. I have already started to know." Special ' Myrna is for me."

“Will you go to the hut when you are here? I think this is the best and most beautiful place in the world!”

"The swan thinks that God lives there now." John grabbed Swan's hand with his hand and looked at her with a smirk.

"No, I think I want to go back to Virginia as soon as possible. I think I should also look at several other cities on the way."

"My mom and I will bring your mom this weekend."

"Is that Ronby?"

"No, this is French." ' French." Swana smiled and smiled.

"It's good. I think that's Karen and I might have a hard time. Myrna is all this and more."

In the woods near Chapel Hill, the director's house is a geodetic dome. I have never participated in the design home of my hero Bucky Fuller. I am honored to be proud of Karen’s date there. She even held my arm occasionally and seemed to be close to me once. I stood alone in the glass-covered garden next to the house, when a man with a bearded professor wearing a tweed hat approached me. When he first talked to me, he stood on a step and was a little shorter than me. His Scottish love song and the smile of the elf made me feel comfortable, but I don't remember his name. He likes my name and smiles and tells me about Robert De Bruges, the original name of Bruce. He is from the University of Edinburgh and is a leading spiritual researcher. There are many other such outstanding figures at this party, and I am definitely a little panicked. I was introduced to the director and some other people, I heard that the J.B. Rhine may even appear, although I don't think he does. In the next half hour, I told the gentleman Ed and "wind and rain" as well as Dottie / Esalen and Baskin-Robbins and the bed frame. He told me a lot about Esalen and people like his personally known Joseph Campbell. He has heard of Ed, and I have told him any stories without any surprises.

“These things are not easy to explain. I agree with your energy and possible scientific explanation. In order to get funding, we have to show simpler and more basic details. The Rhine has a government' he can do what he wants Something. It is difficult for people like Karen to reliably accomplish these spiritual feats. She is one of the top six people in the world."

“Does this include Russia and Nelya Michelova or Barbara Ivanova?”

"Yes, there are masters from India, they are also great."

“I think some people who are better who don’t participate in science?!”

"Yes. Or at least they say that. We have tested a lot of people who can do some amazing things like you talked about, but we don't know how to break these things into reality experiments."

“In many cases, such as ' wind and rain, the performer’s intentions are not as much as natural or energy reactions.”

"This is part of the problem. I hope that you can be a little better with Karen. She is a strong woman, I think I have seen some of the necessary strength. I have to talk to some of my colleagues."

“It’s very kind to talk to me. Of all the older and experienced people here, I’m really like a fish in the water.”

"You are doing very well… I have to go."

Karen came to talk to me. "You spent a lot of time with him. What are you talking about?"

"I think he wants you to go to Edinburgh and study with them. I think they are willing to give free school and housing plus any money you need. He said it is difficult to get reliable performers and is "experiencing and failing" When the people cooperate, the test results are not statistically good."

"I have a good deal here, I really don't have money. This is the best hyper-psychology research center in the world. Christchurch, New Zealand is also very interesting. You know I think you look good tonight."

Karen grabbed my arm and we left soon. I lived in a motel and left after lunch with her the next day. Obviously, I will have to work hard to make her open and let the love experience. This is still not my main concern when I understand her. I am happy to work together to write a book or to maintain friendship. We are still in a psychological stage, some people call it "storm," and I am not because she wants me to believe that she is so powerful or unique. For example, she may be able to prove what the power of Krishnamurti and those like Ed called 'siddhis' and said it limits the pursuit of catching up. I think this is the kind of restriction that researchers are also forced to participate in. The culture or method of using reductionism "linear" science in chaotic reality is full of all wrong insights. I know this for sure, because I know that Jesus is just another person, even if he is also a master of ascension.

About a month passed, and I saw Karen eating dinner and a movie during that time. I think we jumped once at this time, I am not sure, but this is perhaps the first time I have seen her "mouse" lesbian friend. I remember that when I saw her, I would get a bad feeling from her. My friendship with Marc is getting bigger and bigger. He introduced me to some interesting people. I am getting better and better at reading the palms, and occasionally doing it with the girls in the bar.

"You too admire the woman Bob. I think you should ' lighten & #39; and realize that they also like ' interesting'"

"You have put forward a compelling argument, and I definitely hope to relax. I don't know if I can go so far."

"If you realize that they are often intoxicated by the feeling of love like you, and this is a normal human chemistry reaction, I think you will find less heartache."

"Mark, you are a few years older than me, but I can see that you are more experienced. I don't have a female role model. This may be part of my problem. Anyway, I really like strong obsession, I found things can be Growing up there. Many of my relationships are more spiritual than through the body."

"I think you like the body very much. I think maybe you can hold back too much. All these spiritual things can become a barrier or a way to push some people away."

"If you don't have the kind of ' contact' that you know, why should you participate? I already have something too good and can only be degraded by sex."

"No matter what! My brother ' Richard has come over for a while, he is entering Yogananda, and you will fall into the same ' Oops ' I guess you both will In Yoga autobiography with Religious science thing. I have read enough knowledge to know that the balance in my life is as good as that of all those who seek knowledge and who really seem to know! "

"You are really laid back and able to go with the flow. I hope that sometimes I like you more. In the final analysis, I have to do the right thing, I can't behave like someone I really care about. It's not as real as me. "

"I never lied to a woman, Bob. They don't always need someone to kiss their feet and worry about their beauty."

John came to visit and met Mark who wanted to work with us. There are some immigration and customs concerns, but more questions are whether Marc is the right person to rely on the project manager. We have encountered some problems with people and ' liar '. Somehow, we found ourselves in the Spectrum in downtown Norfolk, and Jose Silva is preparing to attend a conference workshop. We actually met him, and I discussed the psychological measurement problem with John. That night was the theme of Jose. This is the initial psychometrics, not the ones like Dottie and IQ testers. In the 1960s, Jose was a bald man dressed like a monastery. He was originally a teacher in Laredo, Texas, and witnessed these issues for many years. The educational bureaucracy is the subject of John and I have been able to share insights. We often agree on this particular topic.

The discipline is combined with science and creativity from

Silva mind control from

 It was something that John found interesting. He certainly can't blame Hesell as a liar. He remembers Ed Tucker as the teacher of the show. Harvard University research shows that 33% of what we have learned is achieved through linear knowledge. It has recently been completed, and I think I have made it clear that I think ESP is a largely unused educational tool. Silva's mind control also shows the results of spiritual things that cannot be explained by other means. John apparently still insists that intuition or ESP can be explained through intellectual processes. Police forces around the world are using psychometricians who can hold a piece of clothing and adjust their whereabouts and masters. This is definitely not John's worldview. We left Mark and went with friends.

On the way, I continue to talk to John about this book. Seth speaks And Jane Roberts is an intermediary in spiritual guidance. She is part of a multi-dimensional personality related to her husband and herself. I told him that this is comparable to the energy wave coagulation analogy of the cosmic soup around me. John became stubborn on the defensive side, and now is the time for us to see Mark's friend Steve. He is a well-trained accountant and his theory is consistent with what I told John. He describes reality as a journal similar to a ledger bill. Each reflects a point in time and growth. Cartesian and 'X' and 'Y' coordinates or vector charts indicate the growth potential currently under consideration. Other pages involve time and pass. As growth occurs, the "educational spiral" that spans the page in one dimension is repeated and developed.

I was with Karen the previous week. Although I didn't know a lot about witchcraft at the time, I definitely want to know how she affects it. She took me back to her home and fell in love with me. Then she told me: "How does it feel to use it like everyone else. My girlfriend told me that you hit them! You are a dross…"

"I have never beaten them. I have no interest in them. You are very wrong with this Karen."

"I know you in a way that you can't understand. You will never darken my door again. I will do my best to destroy your life."

"Let's do what you can, I know the use of the mirror."

I told her how I adjusted the cross of the Christian faith to clean up negative energy and send back unwanted or bad parts. It includes welcoming correct and open changes, but does not allow anything wrong with me. I used a poem and some Wiccans to reverse the reflection of the candle or the palm. Just now, when I rewrote this book, I was thinking about a 5 pound increase in weight when John was running with John in Morristown for two weeks, which may be related to her work on me. This usually loses fifteen pounds.


I lost my cat! what should I do?


Thousands of pets get lost every day. This is why 49% of cats stay indoors. You can extend their life by three times and build better connections with them by keeping them indoors. I know they are born hunters, but when we don't live in a city that is three times more dangerous, we start. That's why I encourage you to put your cat indoors.

Make sure your pet has a collar and label. Give rewards, I am lost, indoors only, call me on the phone number. This way, if someone finds him, they will know how to contact you.

step 1

calm! Stop accusing and take a deep breath. You will need all the wisdom about you and follow the steps to reunite with your peers.

Step 2

Check your house from top to bottom. Attic, crawling space, cabinets, closets, garage, drawers and basement. I have hundreds of calls from people who panic, they can't find their beloved fluffy just to find him sticking out from behind the kitchen cabinet the next day. Be methodical and calm.

Remember that animals can absorb energy. If you are crazy, he will be afraid of all the commotion. If he is the only pet, put a bowl of food in the middle of each room to see if they are eaten. This is a clear signal that your fur angel is still somewhere in your home.

Step 3

If your baby is outside, you can start searching. Sweak as much as possible and grab a scented blanket or towel. When you walk around with a can of open tuna, you should be the cat's sniffing beacon. The sweat of clothes, blankets or towels and tuna is an irresistible combination.

When you are walking around, be sure to call the kitten in a soft, loving, normal tone. If you have a nickname, use a nickname. If you see him and he didn't come to you, sit on the floor and put the tuna in front of you and lick him.

Keep calling and be patient. After the cat has left his environment for a while, he can go to the wild [survival mode] and may have difficulty recognizing his human beings. Once he was close enough, slowly reach out and wrap him in a blanket and towel and take him home. Remember, your voice should be sweet and tempting.

Step 4

Call the humanitarian community and let them know about your lost pet. Rent a humane trap and put it at the door of the pet. Cover the trap with clothes with a familiar smell and put your favorite food in it. You may catch some other babies, so know how to release them from the trap.

Step 5

It is very important to say it! That's why I encourage everyone to keep the latest photos of their pets. The description may be ambiguous, but a picture says a thousand words.

Step 6

Reward posters are an important tool for pet rehabilitation. Unfortunately, people are motivated by money, and if they see the amount, they will take extra steps to find your missing pet. The number of reward posters should be the top of the bold letters that can be seen from a distance. Next should be a photo of your pet. The next section should be: Lost [description date] near the last time you saw it [given only the street name].

Give any special features such as extra toes, scars, curved tails, very shy, and a clear description of the coat and variety of companion animals. Don't write down your address, just write down your phone number. If the pet has a specific medical problem, please list it on the leaflet. If you don't let go, "have special needs." If someone has a pet, this is a big motivation. They will think there will be veterinary fees and will return the pets as soon as possible.

Always go pick up with others and don't bring cash. In addition, the reward will be given when the pet is restored.

Step 7

Distribute posters, or I like to call it "flood". As it turns out, the more posters you propose, the better the results. People always put some of them down, but if you "flood" the area, some people will always stay and let people see.

Copy the flyer and place it in your local newspaper. If your pet is taking medicine, getting sick, and being a partner for the elderly or children, TV news and radio will see this as a "special interest" human story. Explore this area. I have compiled a list of places to place posters. If you encounter any other good, please email me so that we can share it with others.

  • Antique shop

  • Apartment building [mailbox in the lobby]

  • ATM

  • bank

  • cosmetic products

  • Bulletin Board

  • BUS stop

  • Cable company [you can fax this to the installer to go out]

  • a lot of cars

  • Car rental

  • Check the redemption location

  • church

  • Cleaner

  • Clinic [emergency and government clinic]

  • clothing store

  • coffee shop

  • Computer store

  • Day care

  • DMV

  • Doctor [you can fax these and see your yellow pages]

  • Dentist [you can fax these and see your yellow pages]

  • Donut shop

  • Door to door [in their mailbox]

  • Electric company [fax to the head office, they go out to repair]

  • Emergency medical [human and animal]

  • Feed store

  • Food distribution [view pizza, Chinese food, chicken, etc. in yellow pages]

  • They have been out for delivery! It’s better to deliver the poster yourself.

  • But you can fax them]

  • gardener

  • Gardening supplies

  • Gas company [fax]

  • gas

  • General supply

  • Government office

  • Grocery store [look if they allow you to put it in the pet food section

  • Store]

  • Home improvement store

  • Hospital [Drs and nurse's cafeteria and recreation room]

  • Human society

  • ice cream shop

  • K Mart, WALMART, Sears

  • Self-service laundry

  • library

  • Hotel

  • Mail carrier [give them]

  • UPS delivery [if you see the truck put it on the windshield]

  • Before the Federal Reserve

  • Conference Hall [Elks, Moose and other organizations]

  • Motel

  • Movie rental place

  • cinema

  • New building

  • News report

  • nursing home

  • PO BOX rental

  • Telephone company [this can also be faxed]!

  • Photo copy location

  • Photo development site

  • Paper boy

  • parking lot

  • pharmacy

  • post Office

  • restaurant

  • school

  • shopping center

  • Street corner [take the traffic lights and stop sign]

  • Travel agency

  • Truck stop

  • Veterinarian [with a radius of 5 miles ~ you can fax these]!

  • Weight observer

Hope this helps!


RV Living Verses apartment life


A few years ago, my wife and I decided that we would travel in a semi-retired state in the United States. We kicked the children [over 21 years old], sold our house and bought a RV. The situation on the scene improved, we did not go on the road, at least not yet. We ended up staying in the area and working full time. But we decided to stay at RV as a full-time employee.

The purpose of this article is to provide some insights into the possibilities of using RVs instead of apartments and the advantages of Rving. The first is the background of those who are not familiar with the terminology of recreational vehicle [RV]. RV is divided into several different categories.

Class A is the bus you see along the road. These are also known as motor homes for good reason. It can be said that Class A is the essence of crops. They are the most expensive in terms of cost, but have the most storage and facilities. I have seen some very good A grades, and when we upgrade or trade existing RVs, we will see A again. However, my taste starts at $250,000, which is a bit hard to prove for me.

Next is the B-class, these are mini-cars. They are built on light-to-medium truck chassis and can be identified by the vehicle's truck cab appearance. In my opinion, these are not suitable for full-time use unless you really like small places. Some of the newer B-levels include so-called slides, which are part of the RV and “slide out” from the body to provide you with more living space. In the long run, you will find a living space.

The fifth round appeared after the B level. The Fifth Wheels are trailers powered by Pikala. Therefore, to get the fifth round, you also need a pickup truck of the right size. I want at least one 3⁄4 ton pickup. The fifth round is more advantageous than the A and B grades, because once you install the fifth wheel on the camp, the truck will fall off and can be used as a means of transport. For Class A and Class B motorhomes, you need a trailer or another car to walk around. The fifth wheel is close to the Class A RV in the facility, and in some cases there is more room. You will get more living space than the fifth round when you exchange USD for USD.

However, you do need expensive tractors [trucks], which must be considered part of the purchase. The fifth round is also considered a category of "Towables." The next "tractor" is the travel trailer [TT]. They are similar to the fifth wheel except for the connection to the tractor. With TT, you can connect to hooks close to the bumper of the vehicle. Therefore, almost any vehicle has the ability to pull the TT according to the size and weight of course. Class A, Round 5 and Travel Trailer are the three main RVs where you can find full-time staff. TT came to the camper class. These light-weight RVs are really not suitable for full-time, but I have met people who are full-time in pop-ups, truck campers and even tents. The top level of the camper level may be the truck camper.

These are the units that slide into the pickup truck bed. In general, the maximum length is no more than 12 feet from front to back and may not exceed 10 feet from side to side. They are very compact. They offer the ultimate freedom because they can be set up and removed quickly so you can move from one place to another quickly. However, like Class A and Class B, your home is your means of transportation unless you carry another car. The last group of tractors are pop-up or tent-type trailers. They have a research frame that, as the name implies, pops up or lifts up to raise the roof above the frame. This type of camper is usually made of soft cloth. For many years, I have been using pop-ups as a replacement for hotels, while at the same time carrying out tasks across the country. Even doing some camping in the middle of the winter, the snow on the ground is popping up. Needless to say, a heater is needed, it runs all day. At night, it couldn't keep up with the cold, so it was a bit fun to get up in the morning. 20 degrees outside, about 50 degrees inside.

This is a basic overview of the types of RV available. As mentioned earlier, Class A, five-wheel and travel trailers are the units most people think are suitable for full-time life.

Our experience working full time in RV.

We currently have the fifth round. We are from Jayco, 38 feet long and have 3 slides. One slide is in the bedroom and the other two slides are on either side of the trailer in the living room. After RV as a full-time employee for almost 3 years, we all like it. My wife likes to say that it takes less than an hour to clean from floor to ceiling from front to back.

Let's start with the financial aspects of living in a motorhome. You have the cost of RV. These should be treated like cars. If you purchase a new product, you will depreciate it. However, like home, interest can be tax-free. Therefore, the best deal seems to be a one-year or two-year old unit and financing. If you want to buy a new product, you can get a discount of about 25-30% from the list price. Our unit was still delivered in 2005 in 2005, the unit in 2006. The price is over $65,000. We paid $40,000 and saved us about 38%. Now we didn't have a trailer, so the dealer will send the fifth round to the nearby campsite.

The Oak Grove in Hatfield, Pennsylvania is a year-round camp. This is very important. You are looking for a campsite that offers year-round operations. You don't want to move out in the winter. Many campsites are closed from November to March or early April. When we started from there, our rent was $375 a month, including water and electricity. Our only other cost is propane for heating and hot water. Oak Grove supplied 2 100 lb propane tanks and they automatically replaced the tanks for us. This is very good, a bit like the automatic oil transfer when you own a house. In the warmer months, we barely use any propane, and if so, we may use one bottle every other month. However, due to the heater, we use 3-4 bottles per month in winter. At present, propane is about $50 per bottle. Therefore, from the perspective of renting an apartment to living in a caravan, it is usually cheaper. My daughter pays $750 a month for apartments near us, and we pay an average of $425-450.

Other benefits of living in a RV – people! The person you find camping is the most wonderful person you will meet. They are friendly, helpful, young and have a good environment. Before we got married, we have been an avid camper. I sneaked to DE, my wife [the girlfriend at the time] and her family were camping and tenting, and then made herself part of the family. For nearly 40 years, we have been camping, we have never seen any rude, thief, or if asked if you are not willing to lend a helping hand. In fact, we provide more help than when we live in a house or apartment.

It's fun, but when I travel and live in a hotel, you almost feel like a ghost or a leopard. If you say "嗨" to someone in the elevator or in the hallway, heaven will be banned. But when you camp, everyone will wave when you walk, some will provide drinks, or let you sit by the fire for a few hours. Just like we are all family members.

When it comes to fire, what is the use of bonfire? Sitting around a delicious campfire in the evening is so relaxing. There is nothing to say, as long as you watch the flame, it seems that all the pressure will disappear. But there are other benefits to bonfire, food. Nothing is better than the food cooked on an open fire. Try to do this in the apartment.

Rving has another benefit, vacation. If you live in an apartment, your vacation includes going to a destination, finding a hotel/motel, eating each meal, and bringing enough clothes during the vacation. When you live in the RV, your home is with you. Pack the RV for 30-40 minutes, disconnect the utility and hang up the truck, you are on the road. When you arrive at your holiday destination, you can enjoy these attractions for another 30-40 minutes. Dining is not a problem, you have a full kitchen, just like at home, because it is home. Special diet? No problem, your normal routine is uninterrupted. Clothes get dirty, and many RVs have washers and dryers so you can relax at night or wash your clothes before the start of the day. Rving is usually also cheaper. When you compare the fees, you will find that RV travel is much cheaper than hotel/restaurant travel.

When you see an apartment in a motorhome, these are just a few things to consider. I hope that you find this information useful.


What to do when traveling to Orange County, places to visit, things you can do, food to eat, sightseeing


California is a golden state with many people with different interests. Orange County is my home for the rest of my life. I grew up in the heart of Orange County and lived around Anaheim for nearly three decades. Over the years, I have seen many changes, new buildings have emerged, old buildings have been demolished, and a host of new businesses and events have emerged. Orange County is a wonderful place to live, and the number of activities in and around the area is endless.

Anything from the hotel to Orange County can be reached within a 1-2 hour drive. In the summer, the beach is a hotspot [pun]. Every summer, people flock to the beaches on the west coast. The beaches around Newport and Laguna are beautiful, clean and not full, and there are plenty of water sports rentals. If you want to capture some waves, Huntington, Seals and Bolsa Chica State Beach have some nice waves, although the water is usually colder than anywhere else. Huntington Beach also has a dog-friendly beach that is perfect for pet parents looking for cool and enjoying some fun with their dogs. Long Beach is not the preferred beach to play in the water, because the port is located here, the water is not very hygienic [personal opinion]

For those looking for a nightlife, Orange County has a lot of activities in all the surrounding cities. The downtown area is always crowded with people who are interested in drinking a few drinks, hitting the club… or both. Downtown Fullerton is often traveled by college students and young people. There are many different bars to see very competitive prices, happy hours and many different types of music. There are also some breweries nearby for those who don't like to party, just as they are catching up with some old friends. Just like downtown Fullerton, downtown Anaheim, downtown Santa Ana, downtown Orange, and the newly remodeled Buena Downtown Park are also the same.

There are plenty of places to eat and many different styles to choose from. Based on your desire, I will say from my personal experience that different cities can cater to different races than other cities. For example, depending on personal preference, if you look at some delicious noodle dishes, Westminster, Owen and Tustin are very popular with Asian dishes. Ramen, Pho, Korean barbecue, etc. I think it is best done in these cities. My favorite places by type/city/service are: AYCE Korean BBQ – Star Grill [Westminster], Cham Sut Gol [Westminster] and Grill [Fullerton]. Pho – iPho [Anaheim], Pho Thang Long [Westminster] – and most places in Westminster. United States – Fuddruckers [Bena Park], Buffalo Wild Wings, Cheesecake Factory [Anaheim], Islands Bar & Grill, or Lazy Dogs Cafe [Bray Ya]. In addition to eating some delicious food, there are many entertainment activities scattered in Orange County.

Starting from our amusement park – we are not only the center of Disneyland, but also the center of Knott's Berry Farm and the center of summer Knott's Soak City. In addition to amusement parks, there are many cinemas nearby, from basic to 4D screens, including special effects, lighting and environmental interactions. Escape Rooms is an interactive team/team building brain game that is increasingly popular in Orange County. My favorite companies are Crossroads, Puzzlebox and Square Room Escape. Again, from a personal point of view, these are very immersive and more fluid in terms of the degree of interconnection. For more sports, Anaheim and Santa Ana have several places for rock climbing activities such as Rock City, Rockreation and Factory.

If you want to shop, there are countless places in all the surrounding cities. Orange Outlets [formerly known as Blocks] and Anaheim Square are two different types of shopping centers. Both are mainly outdoors. If you are looking for some indoor shopping malls, Westminster, Brea and even Xirui have large shopping malls packed with different stores. With all the shopping, eating and squatting around the place to stay?

There are many hotels, motels, boutiques and privately run airbnb to choose from. Almost any place where you live there has a lot of things to do before and to see it in a few minutes. Many of these places offer competitive prices, great facilities, discounts and tips on how to spend time here.

As you can see, the limits of Orange County are endless. You can meet all your needs in terms of hiking, sightseeing, entertainment, eating, nightlife and more. As we move into the future, we will only see more and more development. With the list of activities and population growth, there will only be more and more things to do. Orange County is a truly amazing place, and many travelers who have ended up telling me how satisfying their trip is.


Pet Friendly Destinations – Top 10 International Picks with Your Pet Vacation


Consider a pet with international travel? Here are the TOP TEN international destinations for travel with your pet, as well as information that can be easily accessed in these countries without isolation.

If you are visiting other countries, we'll also provide information to help you easily get through the Immigration Department. Please note that this information may change. You can always send an email to Pet Travel asking you for the latest requirements for bringing your pet to an international destination.

Tourism knows that pets mean profits. Airlines also want your business to have up to 95% of the world's airlines now shipping your pets. If your dog or cat is small enough, you can even carry it in the cabins of many airlines.

The big cities of Europe are very pet friendly. Here are four countries and cities worthy of the top ten.

Belgium, France, Switzerland and Italy from

 It is the four most favorite countries we have visited. It's easy to travel with your pet in Europe, because there are no boundaries anymore, so you can travel freely. The distance between cities and even countries is small. It’s easy to go around because almost all European trains, buses and ferries accept pets on board.

Paris from

 It is the most favorite city we have visited in Europe. You can dine at any of the thousands of paving cafés in Paris, and you will see almost everyone sitting on their owner or pets under the table. What's more, pets that perform well in this city can dine with the restaurant owner in the restaurant.

On a Sunday morning, you will see well-dressed men and women walking with their neat pets on their belts, taking a walk on Sundays and heading to the nearby park.

Visiting the Montmartre district, artists set up their own easel on the sidewalk. For a few francs, the artist will create original paintings for your favorite pets.

Immigration to France: from

 To bring your pet into France from the US, Canada or Mexico, you only need three things. Your pet must use the ISO 15-bit microchip for micro-slices, vaccination against rabies, and a French veterinary health certificate in the form of the European Union. Immigration officials will pass you.

LUCERNE Lake from

 Switzerland is known for its beauty and ski quality. Rent a cabin for you and your pet near the elevator and you will have a great ski holiday. Just down the street, there will be a cafe on the sidewalk, with a pet at almost every table. If your pet does not have a thick coat, you will want to buy a beautiful warm jacket.

During your visit to Switzerland, you will want to see the famous capital of Zurich Bank. But Zurich is not only famous for banks, it is home to many famous watch manufacturers and chocolate manufacturers.

Switzerland is one of the countries where pets are only part of everyday life. Due to its location, it is a short drive to France or Italy by car or train.

Immigration to Switzerland: from

 To bring your pet into Switzerland from the US, Canada or Mexico, you only need three things. Your pet must be micro-sliced ​​using an ISO 15-bit microchip, vaccinated against rabies and awarded a Swiss veterinary health certificate. Immigration officials will pass you.

Brussels from

 It is also one of our top ten destinations. Although your pet may be unpopular to visit the museum, you are welcome almost anywhere else. This is a walking city, if you live for a month, you will never run out of different places to explore with your pet. There are magnificent parks everywhere, strolling through the famous antique flea market, or strolling to the Belgian past at Cinquantenaire Park.

Have you been riding a Segway? They look like an oversized skateboard with a handle and an electric motor. Brussels is known for providing these small devices that will pass around the city at a speed that is right for your pet.

Brussels is also known for its exotic nightlife, but you need to hire a pet sitter because pets are not allowed in the nightclub.

Immigration to Belgium: from

 To bring your pet into Belgium from Mexico, you only need three things. Your pet must be micro-sliced ​​using an ISO 15-bit microchip, vaccinated against rabies and obtained a Belgian veterinary health certificate in the form of the European Union. Immigration officials will pass you.


 It is one of the oldest cities in Europe and is worthy of ranking among our top ten pet friendly attractions. This is a square with fountains and statues. Spaniards like their pets, and if they are good and friendly, they will love you too.

Take your pet to the so-called “Aristocratic Center” in Madrid, home to the stunning Royal Palace, a 17th-century monument that combines Baroque and classic styles. Next to the palace is the Plaza de Oriente [square], the opera house and the modern Almudena Cathedral, which was dedicated in 1993 by Pope John Paul II.

Another option for visiting Spain is the beautiful Costa del Sol, where the beautiful white sand beach extends to where the eyes can see. Yes, your pet will be popular with most beaches in the area, so if you have a water dog, they will have the opportunity to taste the warm Mediterranean waters of the Mediterranean.

Immigration to Spain: To bring your pet into Spain from the US, Canada or Mexico, you only need three things. Your pet must be micro-sliced ​​using an ISO 15-bit microchip, vaccinated against rabies and certified in the form of a Spanish veterinary health certificate in the European Union. Immigration officials will pass you.

Hotels in Europe are more likely to make your pet popular, as it is common practice to take pets while on vacation. Alternatively, you can book a lovely home or apartment, which you can use whenever you stay for a week or more.


 In Mexico is a great destination for lovers of splendid blue waters and white sand beaches.

My little Xi Shi is called Ruggles. I lived there for a while, and there was almost no place he was not welcome. If you need exercise, there is a small outdoor gym, Ruggles will be waiting for me in the shade. There are dozens of small terrace restaurants on the beach and I will share lunch with Ruggles.

At least once, we took a luxury intercity bus from Playa Del Carmen to Cancun. Ruggles occupied the seat next to me. Not sure if it is legal, but no one has ever said it.

There is the Chichen Itza Maya Temple nearby. I don't believe that pets are allowed to enter the venue.

There are several caves with underground water pools within two to three kilometers. I saw a few pets while visiting these caves.

Costa Rica from

 It is a popular destination for tourist pet owners. Crossing customs with your pet is just a wave. If you are looking for exciting gambling and nightlife, then San Jose is the place to be. There are many pet-friendly hotels in this city.

Most people visiting Costa Rica travel to rural areas, where there are tall trees, beautiful birds and magnificent waterfalls. Of course, don't forget that the beautiful blue butterfly in the rain forest swept through the lush vegetation. Accommodation in these areas is not as elegant, but you will find several people who will welcome you and your pet.


To get into pet-friendly Costa Rica, you need a health certificate to show that your pet is vaccinated if it is not ill. Dogs must be vaccinated against rabies, canine distemper, hepatitis, pneumocystis and viral vaccines, and cats must be vaccinated against rabies.

We travel to the top 10 most popular pet-friendly destinations and we travel to the United States. You can bring your pet into the United States and only need a health certificate to prove that it is healthy and has been vaccinated against rabies.

Key West from

 Probably the most favorite city in the United States. This town can only be called "leisure" and live in a slower place. Almost all hotels, bed and breakfasts and city motels welcome your pet. Each restaurant has an outdoor dining area that welcomes your pets, and some restaurants even allow small, well-behaved pets to enter.

I went to the city a few years ago, and when I went out for a walk with Ruggles, I stopped in front of an elegant restaurant. I am studying the menu, and maitre de comes out to talk to me. I asked if Ruggles would be welcomed. His answer was: Does he like beef or chicken?

Big Apple – New York from

 Worth a place on our list. Everyone living in this bustling city seems to have pets. There are too many pet walkers who have 6 or 8 leashes each time for them to walk in the morning. Sunday in Central Park is a puppy paradise. As you stroll, your pet will meet and meet the other 100 pets. Then, stop at one of the outdoor cafes and enjoy the "coffee and bread rolls".

This is also the city of an elegant hotel with no more popular pets than in an elegant hotel. The higher the price of the room, the more popular the pet. However, there are many places to welcome your pet. Pet Travel lists more than 100 pet-friendly hotels.

A few years ago, I lived with Ruggles in a better hotel in Central Park. Later in the afternoon, I went to the bar to have a cocktail and then took the Ruggles. When the manager came in, we sat in the bar. He gave Ruggles a little bit of a shot and said, "I would rather have a good pet in my hotel than a poorly performing child." This hotel, like many others, sends a morning every morning. The waiter went to my room to take a walk on the Ruggles.

Some hotels in New York even offer room service menus for pets!

Asheville, North Carolina from

 Worth occupying a place on the top ten list. More than 50% of Asheville's accommodations accept pets to prove that it is one of the most pet-friendly cities in the United States. This is a first choice for travel pet owners who like golf.

In summer, Asheville offers many outdoor concerts, street markets and festivals, and welcomes your pet.

San Diego from

 It is only a short distance from our border. There are only two "puppy beaches" in this metropolis on the ocean. There are hundreds of pet-friendly accommodations in this and surrounding areas. In a recent visit with my new pet, there was also a Shih Tzu dog named Bear; we stayed at the Sofia Hotel and it was impossible to be more pet friendly. The young woman in charge of the front desk always stops to talk to the bear and is even willing to take care of him.

Every day we go to a dozen outdoor cafes for lunch or dinner. The first thing they have to do is give Bell a bowl of water.

Become a methodical travel pet user

The range of accommodation and travel options available to travel pet owners continues to expand as these businesses recognize the value of your business. However, you are responsible for becoming a polite and caring pet owner. Don't let your pet loose or bark, making your pet a hassle. And, the first rule, be sure to pick up after your pet.

Visiting these pet-friendly cities will make your holiday a memorable one. If you are traveling by air, be sure to book your flight in advance. Most airlines have a limit on the number of pets per flight. In addition, please call or email your pet-friendly hotel to confirm your pet policy so that there will be no surprises at check-in. If you have any questions, please send an email to We hope that you will have a good trip.


New York City Center Restaurant Introduction


Downtown restaurants are the best places to go in New York City. You can taste the best American, Italian, French and Chinese cuisine there.

Some of the best places in the world are restaurants. Sometimes even better is the place to eat at the opera house. There are many other reasons to go…. Many big names and famous stars appear in some of them. Moreover, the amount of food is incredible… absolutely overwhelming. You can never get enough food. Everything except 24/7 is open 24/7. Whenever you need these places, they are there. There are many reasons not to go. What we really have to do is share some of the best secrets of this place…

Buddha Bar, Gramercy Tavern and Lattanzi are some of the names. The Buddha Bar will help you relax your vigilance. There are many reasons to relax, this is one of the best gatherings with friends.

Gramercy Tavern, you can't finish it during the day, you need a place that meets the requirements of the day but needs it at night.

Lattanzi, one of the classics. You still remember how Mom did this… you understand. This is what mom used to do… in Lattanzi's.

This is just some good things, try the Nha Trang restaurant. If you want to stay away and get hearty Vietnamese food, this is one of the best places to go. Great people, great menu, great things…

As a true American hotspot, New York City created it, just like other cities. You can visit Chinatown, Little Italy, downtown, the United States, Italy, France, New York's Chinese restaurants, opera houses, famous places.

If you want to know my personal opinion, please go there and try these places. Your mouth won't forgive you. There is no better place than at night or during the day. There is no better place to go. New York City is where the action takes place and the food is cooked.


Small house


All the carnival!

Small houses, small portable buildings made of houses, are very popular. Villa Smith of St. Louis, Missouri said: "Small space can save a small fee!" I want a small house, a house that I can pay off in a few years.

Small houses are carnival. HGTV [Home and Garden TV, Wired Network] hosted "House Hunters" and displayed small houses in several episodes. It seems that the most authentic "Tiny house" has wheels that roll on the highway, or slides that allow for first placement, and options that are easy to move. Personally, if I buy a house on wheels, it would be a camper.

The idea of ​​building and living in a small house really appeals to me. Is it attractive to you? The appeal is spreading widely. For many reasons, young people and older people have chosen more affordable home ownership.

How much does a small house cost?

I don't like HGTV's interpretation of Tiny Houses is the price of a small house. The price quoted at them should be BOGO sales [buy one get one free].

In more than one episode, the cost is as high as 50K, and the cost of a case is 80K, which is only 250 square feet. The price they paid was professional interior design, because I believe that the construction cost of the house is not high. I don't care if it's shipped from one side of the country to the other, but it's made with the most expensive front door and windows on the market. Without a home, it doesn't cost $80,000 for a 250-square-foot structure!

Small portable building built on a taxi

Skateboards have a lifetime warranty if you buy from a suitable portable building manufacturer. The quality of the structure is impeccable, built like a million dollars, with a larger structure.

Not all portable buildings are equal. Some are built with a 16-inch center and some are not. Some manufacturers put spare wood in the corner and cut other corners as much as possible. The quality structure of small buildings is almost always made using the real Amish process.

Focus on companies that offer the highest quality requirements. You don't have to be an Amish to build a great building. What you need is a history of building quality buildings. Previous customers have an opinion on the quality of the buildings they purchased.

Do your research and take the time to make a decision. Most people can easily sell it, don't be one of those people. House ownership is a serious investment. You need to put all your eggs in one basket and collect all the facts in order to make a high quality decision. The popularity of small houses is obvious. Do not sell quickly.

in conclusion

Don't spend 80 K on a small building to be real.

Would you rather buy a small portable building on a skateboard and easily place it anywhere? Maybe you really want wheels and taxis. If so, someone put it on the trailer and it still doesn't cost 80K.

If you choose to place your home on a sturdy floor, you can easily move it later. Your building is really portable. The small structure sets the pace for small utility bills and maintenance. For today's busy population, for many reasons, we spend more time at work, school or outing than in the house. If your home is a real motel room, add it and buy your own small house.